Countdown to Carlsbad 5000


Congrats to all the finishers! Carlsbad 5000 Results –


Carlsbad 5000 5K is this Sunday! Usually race directors kind of throw in a 5k with their other long distance races.  If you are the 5k runner running when rest of the crowd is doing half marathons and marathon distances, you can’t help but kind of feel like you only did fraction of what they did. That was my feelings when I did the 5k distance at La Jolla last year, and Wahoos 5k at OC Marathon race weekend. We finished our 5ks, and were sipping the free beer, and there came the half and full marathoners, who got just the same number of beers as we 5k people did, and some how I felt bad that they didn’t get more beer! Its just an emotionally twisted situation when different distances are run in the same race. However, Carlsbad 5000 makes 5k a rock star race distance. Its just a 5k distance. So when you finish, most everyone that finishes with you ran just as many miles as you did. No need to feel bad. What about the All day 20k people? – well, they are over achievers, running the same 5k course 4 times, so don’t get intimidated by them! I am pretty sure these are the people that will wear their expensive sweaters to ugly sweater party! But we love them regardless!

My first race was Carlsbad 5000 last year. I didn’t run it as a race, because we had too much to drink the night before. I forgot to sign up, so I signed up right before the race paying the $55.  I made myself a big omelet breakfast with protein shake for my pre-race meal. Total number of times I ran that month prior to this race was zero times. I also drank one of those pre-workout drinks I used to drink for my weight training, right before the race, that made me thirsty the whole race! My shoe lace came untied midway through the race, and I had to stop and tie it back. (2 months later, I learnt to double knot my shoe laces. It took me 40 years to learn to tie my shoe laces!). I ran really bad at this race, and logged a 7:58 pace. Not my best 5k time. However, I had such a good time at this race. The finisher medal was one of a kind. Each runner got two Pizza Port Beer tickets. There were band at the finish line party. It was one of the happiest race days I can remember! Since then its almost a year, and I now stress myself and my boy friend immensely right before every race!I don’t think I will ever find that happiness like last years race again.

Apart from being one of my favorite races, this is also one of the world’s fastest 5k, as the fastest course record here is still the world’s fastest road race times.  The registration for the race is closed, but you can sign up at their expo Saturday or Sunday. This race attracts over 7000 people. Because of that they do have weird breakdown of start times to manage the crowd. The 40+men start first(6:55am), and then 40+ women’s 5k, and then the under 29(around 9:00am), followed by 30-39ers finishing with the elites! You could pick and choose which time you want to run in, and the timer some how accounts the time either way.

The course itself is nice and flat. There is a train track you pass at mile 1, so keep an eye out. I only saw one water station at mile 1.5 last year. So make sure you to hydrate well.

Also, look for the 2018 registration booth, where you can register for $20 for next year, with no processing fee!

Key Info for Weekend:

  1. Bib Pickup/Registration
    1. this is one of those races you can pick up your bib right before the race at 7am. You don’t have to do lot of planning. I am tho planning to go pick up my bib so I can get right size tshirt when its available!
    2. Times: 10am to 1pm Saturday at The Village of Carlsbad, Roosevelt, between Carlsbad Village Dr. and Grand Ave. Race day Sunday – starting 6am, Jefferson Street and Grand Avenue
  2. Race Day Times:
      • Sunday – April 2nd
      • 6:55am – Masters Men 40 & Over
      • 8:02am – Masters Women 40 & Over
      • 9:10am – Men & Women 29 & Under/People’s Walk
      • 10:29am – Men & Women 30 – 39
      • 11:31am – Women’s Elite
      • 11:53am – Men’s Elite
  3. Parking
    1. From the race site. (LInks open to google map)
    2. Parking at the Event
      Street parking is available throughout the Village of Carlsbad. We encourage participants to carpool and use the Tamarack, Las Flores, and Vista Way exits. In addition to street parking, there are also the following lots:

  4. Course Map:
    1. course
  5. Weather:
    1. weater
  6. Race results:
    1. This link is not available right now, but I suspect this will be the 2017 results page.

Did you register already? confirm your entry here:

Good luck this Sunday!

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