$65 Tustin Hangar Half, $79 AFC Half, $90 OC Marathon/Half – End of August Last Minute deals!

Few more days left before the price increase for couple of my favorite races! I have reduced my races tremendously, so the only races I am looking to do are close to home races, that would be reasonably priced. Even tho OC Half Price of $90 wouldn’t justify a ‘reasonable price’ – mind you the $90 price is good for the marathon as well, which makes it little more palatable! Here are 3 races I am signing up before the prices go up on September!

Tustin Hangar Half – $65

Tustin Hangar Half is coming back for year 2 with a new race director, and improved energy. I ran this race last year, and there is nothing bad to say about this race. Race day bib pick up, plenty of parking right close to start line, course support and nice medal – all of this combined with a $65 price tag makes this race one of the best race to do here in OC! If you are out of towner that drives from San Diego note that this falls in the same weekend as San Diego Half – which seems to be super popular there. Also if you are running LA Marathon, this kind of falls right before to the LA Marathon weekend. Keep that in mind as well!

Register here : http://tustinhangarhalf.com/

Race Day: March 11, 2018

Price: $65(The site says $130, but use code HANGAR50 for 50% off)

OC Half Marathon/Marathon – $90

Ok, now $90 is not what I call a good deal, but unfortunately most every races in OC/LB/SUrfCity tend to be on the expensive side recently and $90 for OC Marathon – even tho is like swallowing a bitter pill, its not that bad. This is a local race, so I eventually will end up signing for it, but if you can stomach the price, do go ahead and register. I did the 5k/half combo this year, but I would just stick to the half or full marathon ( sign up for full so you can down grade later if you decide – same price and its free to downgrade) for 2018.

Register here: http://www.ocmarathon.com/

Race Day: May 6, 2018

Price: $90 for Half or Full(Recommend signing up for Full, so you can downgrade to half if you don’t feel like it last minute).

America’s Finest City Half Marathon – $79

I love running this race. I have run this race twice now and it could absolutely be one of my favorite races to do. there is nothing I like about the race in the logistics sense, but it is very satisfying to face the challenge. San Diego is pretty far, and this race starts at 6:30am and you have to get bussed down to the start line which means I usually need to plan around being in SD by 4:30 or so. There is a hell of a hill at mile 11 for 2 miles, and why do I do this – its an absolutely amazing race with its point to point courses, and the long history and even the train tracks that at times slow you down!

Register here: http://www.afchalf.com/

Race Day: Sunday August 19, 2018

Price : $79

Carlsbad Marathon/Half Marathon (Half $95)

I ran the Carlsbad Half this Jan. Its one of the perfect running weather. Nice and cold the way I like it. Driving to Carlsbad isnt half as bad as driving to San Diego, and I do like the free jacket they give out along with the tech shirt. Plenty of free parking at the start line( which is also finish line yay!), and you can do your mile or 3 miles warm up run around the mall if you wanted to! I wouldnt recommend this race if its not for their $95 discounted price still for their Half.

Register here: http://www.carlsbadmarathon.com/

Race Day: January 14, 2018

Price: $95 for half(with code RACEGRADERCM15)

San Diego Holiday Half ($79)

Running an all down hill marathon may not be everyone’s thing, but this race is a perfect winter race, with a 700+ft net downhill drop, which is a promised PR course! I was able to drive and park next to the startline last year and it wasnt that complicated. Most SD races force you to do pre-race day bib pick up or charge $20 for race day pickup, which is pretty annoying. But if you can stomach that this is not a bad race.

Register here: https://www.sandiegoholidayhalf.com/register-now/

Race Day: Dec 16, 2017

Price : $79 with code SUMMERSAVE10

Most prices go up Sep 1st so be sure to sign up!

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