iPhone X – Welcome to the future – Again!

My goodness! The major event of the year. The new iPhone reveal. How did we get by all these months without this new wonder!. I am going to keep this review nice and short because I have stuff to do.

This iPhone, like all the past 7 iphones is better and faster. You can still make the same calls, and text the same people,  send the same stupid old gifs and memes. This occurred to me a while ago at iphone 4 or 5, – voice calls and texts on newer iPhones have historically shown to be just as fast as it had been before in the older models. The newer better phones do have improved mega pixels and clarity to the photos, but who needs that really. Not all of us look like a day at the beach in our selfies without filters and by the time we all done with using the soften filter, and undo the extra pixels to look half descent, the picture would be almost 1/4th of its original quality anyways.

Here are 5 things you should/could rather be doing with the $1000 instead of buying a new iPhone.

  1. Max out your HSA or invest in a ROTH IRA. If you have disposable income, but working on a better retirement plan this would be a good time to beef that up a bit!
  2. Pay off a debt if you have debt to your name. The extra fancy display is not going to make your bank account look any better.
  3. Save the money in a savings account towards your house payment if you don’t own a house. Discover Savings account offers a 1.14% interest!
  4. Fund your kid’s 529 Plan if your kid and his/her college is important to you!
  5. Donate to Houston/Harvey Irma Victims! Giving does more to you than the people receive it and you will be better for it! Check out ways to help the hurricane victims! – https://www.nytimes.com/2017/08/28/us/donate-harvey-charities-scams.html?mcubz=3

5.a – Or use it to sign up for several running races! ( See how I plugged running into this non-running blog! Check my race list to find a race – 2017/2018 Race Discounts

If you have disposable income and can afford to get a new iPhone – pre order opens on 10/27 and available at store on 11/3.(www.apple.com) But seriously, if you have an iPhone that is not broken and not making your fingers bleed every time when you try to type a message,  you don’t really need this new phone!

P.S.Here is a video to make sense of new iPhones (this video is future proof), from one of my favorite Finance Guru – Dave Ramsey!!

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