“Race for the Rescue” with Team iCare – 5k/1k Dog Walk on September 9th! & 10% off discount code

“I am I because my little dog knows me.” – Gertrude Stein


Those of you that know my dog Patrick now as a vibrant being, its all due to the kindness that was extended from iCare Dog Rescue team to take a leap of faith in saving him from Downey shelter, when he was set to go in 2 hours,  as he had infected left paw, and was scrawny/unhealthy.

My path crossed with iCare Dog Rescue, when my friend Linda Vanson who is a super fabulous dentist now having her own practice at Tustin Legacy, invited me to go with her to check out this dog expo event at Lake Forest. Out of all the booths we were walking around checking, I got to talk to Katie from iCare Dog Rescue, as I was interested in a dog she had brought in ‘Josephina’. I filled out my paper work to be a foster if they choose me or to adopt Josephina. It didn’t work out with Josephina, however, I was very much taken by their work and cause, where I ended up being a volunteer.

When they approached me and asked me if I could foster Patrick – this golden/lab mix who was going through medical issues at that time and couldn’t be around other dogs, I said sure why not. All I had to do was to feed him and give his antibiotics twice a day – for two weeks. I told them I never had a dog before, and they said, they will help me if I can help him out for few weeks.

Its 4 months now, and I never thought I had the heart to let this dog go out of my sight from day one. I did end up adopting him, and a foster fail – a sweet one that is. I don’t have a lot of money, but I do volunteer my time whenever I can to help with their expo, or work at the Concerts to raise money. Over the last 4 months I really got to know this rescue group and grown to love them for what they do, day in and day out -to rescue at risk dogs!

iCare Dog Rescue – steps in to save dogs, at risk dogs, dogs that need medical care, other wise, the kind of dogs that really needs someone to help them. In the last few months I have seen Katie and her team driving places to save a dog that got thrown over the fence that broke legs, to the dog ‘Ireland’ who had so much medical complications. iCare Dog Rescue – works using ‘crowd sourcing’ model, where they do reach out to network of fosters that extended their heart and home to this cause,  to take in and give dogs a temporary foster home while they are in their care, and find a good fit/forever home. Not everyone gets to adopt. They do thoroughly vet both who adopts the dog, and where the dog will live. Its as humane as it gets, and the dogs do get treated as one of our own family. I have seen Katie went to pick up a dog that someone dropped back at the Vet, that icare adopted out in the past.  The dog came back all scrawny in the verge of dying, but Katie on her own nursed him back to health and now he is a vibrant boy! There are dogs, that everyone wants to take home because they are cute and cuddly and well mannered, and then there are those that really needs us, a hand, an extra help,  a voice to help out and get through to another day and to have a chance out in this world to live their potential, and iCare goes for the ‘at risk’ dogs.

Anyways, all this is to tell you that, there is a ‘Race for the Rescues‘ 5k/1mil walk/run (with dogs!), that iCare Dog Rescue is partnering with that takes place September the 8th at Irvine Great Park, and the money that is raised goes towards several rescue groups/organizations.

If you are looking to extend your heart and few hours of your day for these dogs to have a possibility of a second chance, please consider, participating in this event. You don’t have to come run if you cant, as you can do virtual run.

The race is on September 8th – Saturday – at Irvine Great Park ( which I absolutely love and run at all the time!). You don’t have to raise money, but you can chose to register part of our icare dog rescue group team if you want. This will help our group a lot!(Of if you find any other rescue group you are close to – help them out too.. they all are out there for a good cause)

Register Link: https://www.racefortherescues.org/team/ICARE

Use code RENEGADE for 10% off part of registration.

Race Day : September 8th

Thank you for your kindness!

About iCare:

Adoption fee is $250, which covers neuter/spay, vaccination, microchip. IF you choose to foster, icare covers food/vet bills while the dog is in your care. Check iCare Dog rescue’s website – http://www.icaredogrescue.org/adoptable-dogs


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