Long Beach Marathon/Half/5k discount code

** for 2019 ** in the recent days lot of people are coming to this page looking for discount code for 2019 race! For 2019 use code LBMBR10 that should get you 15% off which is a pretty good deal. ** Check lot of the discount codes here on my main page – https://runrollrestrepeat.com/2017/01/03/2017-race-discounts/

This will be my 3rd year running Long Beach Half Marathon. I ran this part of my Series Challenge along with OC and Surfcity in 2016. Last year, I ran the full marathon, I have to say mostly walked, as I didnt train well enough for it. But I am hoping to come back and run and enjoy this race this year!

Race Date : Oct 7th. (5k is on 6th).

Link: https://www.motivrunning.com/run-longbeach/

Code : RUNLBMAHESH for 10% off

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