Carlsbad Half Marathon – Bib Pickup,Parking, Elevation Chart and Other key things you will need to know – 2019

My last year post is pretty much the same for this year as well! Good luck to those running Carlsbad Half/Marathon this year!



I wrote this blog last year, but i went through race info and all the information are current. so I am republishing it for 2019 – Mahesh, Jan 19 2019!

Carlsbad Half Marathon – first of the Triple Crown Series is this Sunday. I kind of strained my left calf during my run last week, but I have been resting to see if I could run properly again. I went for a run yesterday which wasn’t great, but I was able to do a 4 mile. My friend Anthony once said I wont be running my PR at every race, and I am completely good with that! Running makes me happy, and a better time is nice, and its the icing, but I would rather have the cake and eat it!

If you are running Carlsbad Half Marathon here are the key things you need to know. I looked for…

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