Carlsbad Half Marathon – Bib Pickup,Parking, Elevation Chart and Other key things you will need to know – 2019


I wrote this blog last year, but i went through race info and all the information are current. so I am republishing it for 2019 – Mahesh, Jan 19 2019!

Carlsbad Half Marathon – first of the Triple Crown Series is this Sunday. I kind of strained my left calf during my run last week, but I have been resting to see if I could run properly again. I went for a run yesterday which wasn’t great, but I was able to do a 4 mile. My friend Anthony once said I wont be running my PR at every race, and I am completely good with that! Running makes me happy, and a better time is nice, and its the icing, but I would rather have the cake and eat it!If you are running Carlsbad Half Marathon here are the key things you need to know. I looked for things I am usually interested in and put together this list with my personal tips. For full list of race info check this page. hRegistration is still open if you are interested in signing up. ($130 for half, $150 for full. Use code RACEGRADER10 for $10 off – thanks to RaceShed.Com). Check their website.

1. BIB Pickup(Race day bib pick available, Others can pick up your bib)

  1. Race Day Bib Pickup is available. You can pay $20 on the day of the race and pickup your bib. Race day bib pick up opens at 5:15 a.m. Cash and Credit Card.
  2. If you want to pick up the BIB like I usually like to do (they run out of right size shirts on the race day), you can do so, either on Friday or Saturday. (others can pick your bib!)
    1. Friday – Noon to 6pm.
    2. Saturday – 10am to 5pm.
    3. Others can pick up your bib as long as they have electronic copy of your photo ID.
    4. Address: The expo takes place under the “big top” in the parking lot at Marron Road and Monroe Street located at the southwest corner of The Shoppes at Carlsbad, 2525 El Camino Real, Carlsbad, CA 92008

2. Start Time for Half is 7:45am.

Unlike most other races, Carlsbad Half Marathon starts at 7:45am. (Full Marathon starts at 6:15 am)

3. Parking

Since Marathon starts at 6:15, I would imagine the parking lot would be full for half marathoners who plan on arriving an hour before 7:45am. But the parking lot seems pretty big enough. But I do recommend you get there early and nap in your car or something! Being by the mall, I am sure there are restrooms around.

  1. Traveling South on I-5: Take Highway 78 east to El Camino Real exit and turn right. Follow signs and parking personnel instructions.
  2. Traveling North on I-5: Help ease congestion and avoid possible delays on Highway 78 by taking any of the following exits off Interstate 5: La Costa, Poinsettia, Tamarack or Carlsbad Village Drive. Upon exiting the freeway, head east to El Camino Real. At El Camino Real turn left (heading north). At El Camino Real and Marron Road follow the signs and parking personnel instructions

4. Elevation – 331ft for half marathon

I have done the study for you. For half Marathon the net elevation gain is 331ft. Following is the breakdown mile by mile. (I usually print this out and carry this during my run so I know when not to fight, and when to take advantage of the hills, or even to plan my time/pace ).  

Last year’s activity Courtesy of Strava.

5. Weather – No rain in forecast!

6. Other Key things to know.

  1. Course Time Limit for Half is 4hr 25mins(19:27-minute-mile pace). For Full Marathon its 6hrs(13:44-minute-per-mile pace
  2. Gear Check Available. I usually bring some funny looking christmas ribbons to tie to my bag, so I can find my gear after the race easily!
  3. Pacers will be there (1:30, 1:35, 1:40,1:45,1:50,2:00,2:10,2:20,2:30,2:45)
  4.  Aid Stations at every 2mile, Gel at Every 4 mile
  5. There will be beer garden at the finish line!
  6. Possible disqualification if half marathoner starts with full marathoners.
  7. Course is USATF certified and Sanctioned. What that means is if you injure yourself during the race, your USAT membership will cover upto $25,000 part of the Sports Insurance you get with the membership with USATF.  (Read about USATF membership and benefits here )


  1. An extremely well researched pre race report. All compiled in an easy to follow format. It is a nice option to have that $20 payment for same race day race pickup. For out of town runners this is far less expensive than a hotel.
    Thanks for sharing! 🙂

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