Five 2017 races that are super cheap to sign up now!

Updated on October 18th 2017

Signing up early saves money! I have listed 5 half marathons that I have signed up to do next year, that are still open at a cheap price starting at $69. I have listed the ones I find to be good value, and also the ones I personally signed up to do for 2017. This list will cover April through August for next year, one race a month.

  1. Carlsbad 5000 All day 20K is only $80 to sign up now. Race is on April 2, 2017. ( (5k is $30).
  2. OC Half Marathon is only $85 to sign up right now. Marathon is priced at $95. Race is on May 7, 2017. ( (5k is $30)
  3. San Diego Rock and Roll Half Marathon is $69. Marathon is $79.  Race is on June 4, 2017.( (5k is $40)
  4. San Francisco Half Marathon (2nd Half) is $95. Race is on July 23, 2017. (
  5. America’s Finest City Half Marathon is still available at $79 price. Race is on August 20, 2017. ( (5k is $30)

I am not sure when the price increases will be, but these are the prices at the moment – as of October 18th 2017, and this should get you covered for the month of April through August!

Thanks for reading!

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