RacePass – Yay or Nay?


RacePass seems to be all the talk these days! As someone that races frequently I did check this service and options to see what they do, and if it makes sense for me. Here are my findings.

What is RacePass:

Think of RacePass more like a travel agent, but for ‘Race Registrations’, but they also provide couple of added services. How does this work:

  1. You register to Racepass, subscribe to one of their 3 options.
    1. Contender – 3 races for $195
    2. Athlete – 5 races for $295
    3. Pro – that allows Unlimited races for $695
  2. Even with their ‘unlimited races’, you can only register upto 5 races at any given time. So its not ‘unlimited, but like netflix dvd rental, I think once you race is run, you can register new ones after.
  3. The site says you can cancel the service any time, which will cancel all your registered future races, that are later than 14 calendar days, and for the ones that are within 14 calendar days, full registration amount of such races will be deducted from your refund.

The reason I call them travel agent is because its not like they have any relationship/partnership with races. They take your money and info, and behind the scene they register you to races like you would personally do online.

Things I think I like about this service:

  1. It gives options to cancel registration with races, as long as its not within 14 days mark, which is great! Right now, with traditional race signups, if its use it or lose it with race registrations.
  2. Also, the unlimited option seems pretty cool, for serial racers. (It has already been sold out)
  3. If you sign up for Rock and Roll 3 race package at $219, I suggest the 5 race for $295 would be a good deal.
  4. there is always online convenience fee of $10 with all race registrations, and I think this subscription service does help get away with that annoying fee.

Things That are Sketchy:

  1. The unlimited plan is already ‘sold out’. Seriously? That leaves you with either the 5 race for $295, or 3 race for $195.
  2. But if you plan carefully, lot of the Rock and Roll races are $50 or so to start with. And Most other races do open at $60 to $70 initially, so the 3 race and 5 race options are pretty waste , unless otherwise you are signing up right now to get into San Diego Rock and ROll race + few last minute races that are already expensive.
  3. Registering to 5k races using this option is real waste of $$s.
  4. There is no LA Marathon(which is usually sells at $180, or other big city expensive races on the list).
  5. Also google being behind this whole service – is super sketchy. I wonder if they are stealing all our personal data, and mining them for some future projects? Are we some product for these guys?
  6. They offer upto 5000 races, but I cant tell who they are really partnering with?
  7. Their site doesnt have a 1-800 number and only offers an email address. hmmm.
  8. Its kind of hostile to race directors that run races. THis site hasnt established proper relationships with races, but hijacked this space. Its not like classpass where the classpass established relationship with local workout studios. In that way I feel bad about this service. Good idea, but bad execution.

Should You Try:

  1. If you are signing up for about 3 or 4 races that would cost about $400 in the next 3 to 4 months, I recommend you sign up for this site and see if your race is there. Their refund policy does sound very promising, as you get full refund if you dont use any of your registration and you can cancel anytime.
  2. Honestly I smell like a snake oil salesman with this service, and I am going to rely on my good old fashioned clip coupon to save few $s for my registrations!

If you do sign up, how to get most of your money’s worth:

  1. Don’t sign up for fun runs and 5ks using your 3 or 5 race package. Use it for Marathons.
  2. If you sign up for the 3 race package which is $195, I would say you will still walk out with savings and here is how.
    1. You could sign up for San Diego Rock adn Roll Marathon which is selling out for $139 now, and America’s finest city Half which is selling out for $115. and you get another race literally free. Add in a Rock and Roll Las Vegas Marathon ($149), you almost got your self a 208$ worth of savings. + savings on convenience fee.
  3. But also know that, if you plan carefully you could run these three races, for about 200$ on your own.




  1. Thanks for the helpful breakdown, Mahesh! I agree their business model is very sketchy, and I’m guessing they’ll be losing a whole lot of money with their Unlimited “Pro” Pass. Like you I prefer to register through the races themselves to ensure I’m supporting the race directors themselves and not a third-party company. And maybe most telling, the races themselves aren’t on board yet either: https://www.marathoninvestigation.com/2017/05/racepass-com-launch-concerns.html

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    • Mike – yeah. also surprisingly their ‘unlimited plan’ got sold out?? so if its subscription service, what makes them say ‘its sold out’. I feel like its some sort of marketing experiment by google, but I do think the 3 and 5 race options are good if they had some big ticket races like LA Marathon/Pasadena half, etc.

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