Team Challenge rocked the San Diego Tri Classic!

(c) Mahesh, 2016

I do believe in Karma, and I am amazed at anyone that takes time out of their life to fight for a cause. Over the weekend I got to witness some of these amazing fighters at San Diego Tri Classic, fighting the good fight!

CCFA – short for Crohn’s & Colitis Foundation of America is a volunteer driven non profit dedicated to finding cure for  Crohn’s disease and ulcerative colitis and improving the quality of life of children and adults affected by these digestive diseases.Team Challenge is part of their initiative, focused towards endurance training and fundraising program. CCFA helps with coaching/training and to help you participate in one of their destination race. While helping individuals achieve their fitness goal, volunteers pay back to the programme by pledging to raise about $3000.

One of our friend participated at San Diego Tri Classic this weekend , part of the team challenge, so we went to cheer her on! Just to see the amazing Team Challenge people, run through the finish line, after the swim/bike/run courses, committing to make this wolrd a better place, one person at a time, was so moving!  I have participated in races, but to see this group of people with such a great support and cheer team is fantastic! I got to hear few of their stories, and to see their dedication with this fundraising initiative, while pursuing their endurance goals, without letting this disease defeat them! If you see the orange and blue next time at a race you participate, cheer them. Unlike my finisher medal runs, these guys and girls are running towards a Cure, and researches with their each mile!

Check out CCFA information here –

Check out the Team Challenge Info here –

They area always present at races , so if you see them, approach and find out details and see how you can participate and contribute towards this cause!

These are the photos I took during the race, so feel free to re-use them. If you can credit me and my blog it will be cool. If you need the original message me here, I will be happy to mail you the copy as my contribution towards your cause!



(c) Mahesh, 2016
(c) Mahesh, 2016
(c) Mahesh, 2016
(c) Mahesh, 2016
(c) Mahesh, 2016
(c) Mahesh, 2016
(c) Mahesh, 2016
(c) Mahesh, 2016

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