Tuesday – Endurance House Group Run at Laguna Niguel!

Endurance House Group Run. (Photo Credit : Facebook)

I have been running with Endurance House group, on Tuesdays for a while now. With the season change, and the Sun being out at 6:15pm, I like the idea of group runs way more now than I did during summer time. If its not for the group runs, I would want to go home and watch netflix!

Endurance House is a Sporting Good Store, and Triathletes go crazy for this store, mostly because Jeff Hubeli who runs the store and the group runs, is a triathlete and you can’t help but notice his energy and hospitality! Apart from having one of the coolest bathroom that you can ever see at a running store(with showers and all his old BIB numbers on the wall), the store hosts free group runs on Tuesday at 6:15 PM at their Laguna Niguel location. Unlike Snail’s Pace Group or South Coast Road Runners ( with whom I run on Monday/Wednesday/Thursday and Saturdays and absolutely love being part of) there is no membership fee required – ever. You just show up, and run with the group.

I count about 30 to 60 people at each runs.  They have a 5k run and a 5 miler. You will find good number of people in both. I think there are more 5k people than 5 milers. There were people of all ages, but for the 5 mile, I was mostly running on my own, as I couldn’t find someone at 8:30 pace, but there were 8:00 pacers, and slower pacers, so I had people around me. The more I run with this group, I am sure I will be able to find someone at my pace.  The run courses are beautiful as they loop around the near by lake for 5k, or go around the streets by La Paz/Crown Valley/Alicia Pkwy for a 5 mile.  The 5 mile loop has good amount of hills, so pace yourself. I absolutely love the energy of this group, lot of triathletes!

There is no concept of membership, but it will be smart to put your name down in their system and check in, as you will get a free technical t-shirt after 10 runs! Jeff always brings in cold water bottles for the runners prior to the start of the run. So you dont have to be super prepared about carrying water and such. I have seen them offer lights for those who don’t bring their own, from the store to help run in the dark. A lot of runs do end with Jeff bringing us cake/beer and pizza! I really like the sense of community I feel with this group. Lot of the people that run here are triathletes, but I try to fit in and they are very welcoming!

I have the route enclosed with this blog, so even if you don’t make it to the group run, this is a good route for a weekday run! Follow them on their facebook page to get the latest of the events.

Site: http://orangecounty.endurancehouse.com/ (Their site is little flaky and not up to date, so follow their facebook page).

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/EnduranceHouseOC/

Days of the run:

  1. Tuesdays 6:15pm, 24012 Aliso Creek Rd Laguna Niguel, CA 9267

Miles: 5k or 5 miles.

Water: No water stops during the run, but they do provide free water bottles prior and end of the run.

5k Route(Summer)

Sometimes I do an out and back loop for 6miles, but most people run it as 5k.

Endurance House – Tuesday – 5k Route

5 mile loop(Summer & Winter)

We start by Endurance House Store front, and run towards left heading out to La Paz, turn right to continue on La Paz(Those hills I tell you…. are still hard for me!). Turn right on Crown Valley, Turn another right by Niguel Rd, Turn Right by Alicia, and final Right turn on to Aliso Creek back to the store. Its a total 5 miles. The route has good amount of hills up and down, so you get a good workout! The road is well lit, so even now, during winter, its not that bad running. I still wear a head lamp now, so people can see me. But I could manage without one , but remember the Store Owner Jeff would be super nice to loan you a lamp if you asked!

5 mile loop – Elevation Chart – Hills for Days!
Endurance House – Tuesday – 5 mile Route

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