62nd Surfcity 10k showers us with PRs, and other goods and bads


62nd Annual Surfcity 10 race weekend was this weekend! What a fun/Exciting  weekend it was! At least for those of us who ran the 10k! This is my first official 10k. I just wanted to run a descent pace of 8:00 mins, as I have just run a 7:58 pace at Irvine Lexus Laceup Marathon Relay for a  5.24 mile distance – a month ago, and I have been consistently running a 8:15/8:20 pace during my training runs. The weather was perfect, with a little mist and absolutely no harsh sun! At the end of the race, I was pleasantly surprised with my finish time of 47:41 min, which was unbelievable, but I don’t mind accepting a PR of 7:41 pace for a 10k.

As much joy as it was to see my PR time, I had a doubt in my mind that this couldn’t be right. So I did some research, and luckily I have several of my friends who ran the same race, so I got to check their time. Especially my Snail’s Pace Pacers, who did the 8:00 min pace at the 10k. The 8:00 min snail’s pace pacers reported 8:01 on their Strava as finish time however the race result had them at 7:44 pace. If you know anything about our Snail’s pace pacers, they get stressed out, if they finish sooner, because they like to keep on time, and not over-run their speed as that they will put their group at risk. I ran with the 8:00 min pace group, and they consistently made the 8:00 min mark, with a second or two to bank. So a 7:44, was unrealistic. Looking through several of our data, it was pretty obvious the course was short by .2 mile distance. I would have been 49 mins, with a 7:55 pace possibly.

Anyways, if you ran your 10k at Surfcity, chances are you ran your PR at this race, and congrats on your PR. As much as I am congratulating myself on my own PR of 7:41, I am taking it to my heart that, my time really was 7:55 not 7:41, so for my next race, I would still aim for 7:50 as my realistic goal.

With that, lets get to the Goods and Bad and my brunch suggestion for this race! (FYI: Next year’s registration is open at super cheap price of  $35 for 10k – Register here)


Good Start time & Perfect Weather

I know the race director has nothing to do with the weather, but the day turned out to be beautiful and perfect for the run! It was nice and cold and misty. the 10 milers started at 7:00 am, the 10k team started at 7:45 am and the 5k team started around 8:15 am. The timing was perfect. we all finished close to 8:30 or so, and the Sun wasn’t out with its harsh waves up until 9:30.

Beautiful almost flat Course


It was an out back loop on PCH right by the HB Pier/Beach. the 10milers/10k and 5k all shared the same road, but they looped around at different points. Slight hills if you can call it. I liked the fact that I could see the entire course in my eye sight as its pretty flat. the 10k people were back on the other side, by the time we were on mile 2, so it was nice cheering them as we ran through our miles! On the way back We saw the 5k runner speed through. It was a very different dynamic, as I passed lot of 10milers, but lot of 5Kers passed us. You run the entire course by the water, so its such a pretty site, and the idea of looking at the HB Pier on the way back is all the more reason to get to the finish line faster!

Snail’s Pace Pacers

My 8:00min Snail’s Pacers – Photo credit: Facebook

Its nice that they provide pacers for 10ks. Being my first year of running, I like to run with pacers, to help keep my pace consistent. I followed the 8:00min pacers, and they did a great job of being consistent. Sometime the pacers go out too fast, to make up for time later, and throw you off, but none of that happened with these guys! Great energy running with them!

Almost Everyone ran our PRs at 10k

Its not good, but they made a mistake and ended up with a .2mile short on 10k turn around, so most everyone ran our PRs! I know my time is not real, but it does make me happy! lol. Infact, I wish they keep it this way for next year too!(JK!)

Love my medal and tech-t

I absolutely love my medal and tech-t! The material feels expensive, and its tailored well, and the color is gorgeous! Infact, I wore it to work today! Surfcity 10 medals are one of the best medals out there. (Surfcity 10 medals are on the top 11 medals in US/Active.com list and they sure lived up to the expectation!)

Friendly people

Lot of my South Coast Road Runner/Snail’s Pace running group members were running this race, along with my friends Priscilla, Amber, Lisa , Meghan and of course my BF! It was such a fun time on the course, cheering my fellow running group buddies! I saw my running mentor Marc Owen speed through his mile 9 as I was on my mile 2. Ran into our friend Judy on the course! Ran with Cathy for a few mins. It was so much fun, as I ran through the miles, to cheer my friends and hear my friends cheer me. also, since the course was out and back, we had tons of opportunities to cheer most everyone as we looped around.

Plenty of Rest Rooms

There is nothing like seeing rows of porta Potties at a race start. Since the race start line was at the beach, there already tons of Rest rooms along the beach /board walk. There were also porta potties at the start line.

Plenty of Water Stations

Photo Credit: Surfcity10 Facebook

They had about 3 water stations, but because of the out and back it turned out to be passing them about 4 to 6 times depending on the mile one was running. They had tons of volunteers, and no shortage on water! I was impressed with the aid station, and the offerings.

Awesome Announcers Fitz and Andrea

Fitz and Andrea – Photo Credit : Facebook

If there is one thing that turns me off, is to see a random DJ who never ran a mile in his day, cheering group of runners. But to keep our spirits up they got Fitz Koehler and Andrea Kooiman as announcers! Fitz is the creator of the ‘Morning Mile’ program that encourages school children to walk/run. Andrea Kooiman is a  seasoned ultra-runner, who also part of the We Run Orange County’s Kids,  a nonprofit, public-service corporation that provides after-school intervention programs for Middle and High School students in the Orange County, California area. Seeing these ladies cheer the crowd – was something special and inspiring!


Parking was good, as long as you knew how to drive into HB /Main beach on race day. There were street parking, and also the parking at the beach for $15. There was no issue finding parking even if you come in last minute.


an extra .3 mile added to 10miler was no fun

Lot of 10milers reported their course was little over 10miles. I think around .3 extra miles. I am glad I wasn’t running, but those who ran 10milers had to work a little hard!


Recommendation for Post Race Brunch

My bf Matt, Meghan, Lisa, me and Priscilla at Water Table/Hyatt Resort for Post Brunch

My friends and I believe in Burnch. Our friend Lisa recommended  WaterTable at the Hyat Resort for our Post Race Brunch. . Its reasonably priced, and I thoroughly enjoyed my breakfast with a $8 zonin champagne!  It was an easy walk-in brunch place, and the brunch entrees ranges from 14 to 19$s. There is a buffet for $29 if you are really hungry. My Crab Hash benedict was about $18, and super delicious.

21500 Pacific Coast Hwy
Huntington Beach, CA 92648


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