2016 Strava Group Run Activity Summary – SCRR/Snail’s Pace/Endurance House


Strava’s 2016 Cluster data is out. Since I run with South Coast Road Runners, Snail’s Pace, adn Endurance House groups I wanted to see how each of these groups have performed this year.  I only get to see number of activities, but there is no way for me to track the total number of unique person contributing to activities.

2016 Group Run – Strava Activity Counts

Group Total Activities in 2016
Snail’s Pace(Mission VIejo) 230
Endurnace House 350
SCRR 631
  1. With 631 activities in 2016, South Coast Road Runner continues to be the most popular/busy group. SCRR meets twice a week, so that helps with the twice as much activities(Mondays  and Thursday nights).
  2. Endurance House group runs werent on the 2015 cluster map, but running with them, I do know they get good number of people every Tuesday and that sure shows in the report, with 350 activites. Endurance house is a good example, that we still need more group runs in OC. Their Tuesday runs, haven’t impacted the attendance at other groups, however, has allowed more people to run on Tuesdays that otherwise weren’t.
  3. Snail’s Pace consistently holds the activity number at the same as 2015.This is only for the Mission Viejo. They have other 3 groups that I haven’t counted so they sure will be the leader of group runs if I combine different locations.
  4. Road Runner even tho has most busiest group run ‘Adventure Run’ during summer, I can’t track this activity as their route changes every week during summer. So they are not on the list. I am excited about their new Wednesday Group run and will be reporting how busy it is in a few months!

Each of these groups have different distances, and SCRR has different routes during winter and summer,  and here is the break down of activities for each such route for each group, in 2016.

Strava Activities Kilo Meter Running Goup
 230 8 Snail’s Pace/Wednesday Night
 195 5 Endurance House/5k
 156 9 SCRR/Summer/Thursday Night/10k
 141 9 SCRR/Winter/Thursday Night/10k
 125 8 Endurance House/Winter/5 mile
 124 9 SCRR/Winter/Monday Night/10k
 119 13 SCRR/Summer/Thursday Night/8 mile
 91 11 SCRR/Summer/Monday Night
 30 10 Endurance House/Summer/6 mile
  1. Strava Cluster is one of Strava’s projects and I really like using this data to see the popular races and group runs. I will be publishing popular 5ks/half /full marathon in our area using this data. If you are interested you can access this data yourself here – http://labs.strava.com/clusterer/#m=9mups9hu&z=11&dl=5&dh=14&t=Run&r=weekly&c=469942188
  2. For 2015 Report read my blog.
  3. To read more about the group runs – read my past blogs.

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