Strava Analytics – Group Run Activities in OC for 2015

img_1438Strava Clusterer Project  attempts to provide details on total number of activities that get logged on Strava for particular route. This information is helpful to understand where the most ‘participated’ group runs are, or races are. Caution would be that its only data that exists in Strava. Lot of runners and casual race walkers are not on Strava, so this can’t be used as is to get the popular vote count, but if you were to assume, most serious runners are on Strava, this data does help understand how each group runs are fairing.

I went over the data for Orange County ( avoided Long Beach, San Diego, and LA data, so I can focus only on OC.

Also, I excluded yearly race runs, so it doent mess with the group runs. (I use ‘weekly’ tab instead of ‘yearly’ tab.

In the map, the blue lines are where the most number of ‘weeky recurring’ activities logged on strava. There is lot more group runs, but I do know the ones I run, so I can tell the south coast road runner path as well as Snail’s Pace path.  Hopefully someone from North county recognizes the path they have in the map.

Interesting Observations:

  1. South Coast Road Runners – Monday run logs more activities outside of the track workouts, and Snail’s Pace Wednesday run.
  2. In my opinion, South Coast Road Runner Thursday Runs are more popular in OC, however, since we break the routes into winter and summer route, it get logged differently.
  3. Also interestingly, more people run SCRR winter route than summer route, which makes more sense. Lot of people did join this year, during winter time, as it gets darker outside, and people tend to prefer running with groups.
  4. I don’t see endurance house group run on the map, since the data is from 2015. I will be reviewing this for 2016 once the data is available.
  5. I am not familiar with other groups in Anaheim and Newport, but i am hoping this data makes sense to people in that area. Please leave a comment if you know these groups, and I will update the blog with proper links.
  6. SCRR run their Monday Summer Route in Peters Canyon, but since that route gets so many activity, it missed my ‘weekly’ pattern. However the Peters Canyon Trail itself logged about 511 activities, but I cant tell how many of them are SCRR activities. I need to figure out some better way to isolate SCRR monday night summer route! Any ideas welcome!






  1. South Coast Road Runners: website, my blog
  2. Snails Pace Group : my blog


    • I have only been running with SCRR last few months, and you brought up a very interesting point and I went back and looked at the data. I was only looking for runs that repeats every week, to group as a ‘group-run’ , but peters canyon since the trail being shared by many my query missed the peters canyon path. But if i were to pick ‘any’ as the timeline, i am able to see the path. So many activity in this area, it doesnt give ‘scrr’ as activity list. I will create a SCRR segment to see if that helps next years report. THanks for bringing that up! PEters canyon itself had about 500+ activities.


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