Wednesday Snail’s Pace Group Run in Mission Veijo


When I started to run one hard thing I found out was that, none of my friends were interested in running. They are all physically fit people, that go to gym 8 days a week, but running just isn’t their thing. When that realization hit me hard,  I have started to make friends with people I meet at races, however, most of my running friends I have met at races live far.

I wanted to find a running group that is close to me, so I can run with people more often without having to wait for my next race to be able to run with a group of people! Upon several google searches, I decided to join Snail’s Pace Running Group in Mission Viejo. The reason they seemed as a good option for me, is the proximity being in Mission Viejo right off 5 fwy, and the Wednesday 6:15 PM run time.

I have been running with them since July 2016.They have runners of all levels, and some of the runners pace races, so its very refreshing to be able to challenge myself with them once in a while. The Wednesday runs always start at the Snail’s Pace store by 5 fwy/Alicia Parkway (across from the Target). We then follow the Charlinda DR, and turn left, towards the Aliso Creek Bikeway and head north. Most everyone runs a 5 mile, Out and back. Some long distance runners go for 7 or 10 miles following the trail. I have seen paces ranging from 7:00 to walkers. The common theme is people that just love to run, and be out with other runners.

Wednesday Route – Elevation – 171ft
Wednesday Run Route

One other aspect I like about running the same Out and back route week after week, is that it gives me such a good way to train my mind, and to track my progress. I believe if you can run 5 miles regularly you could easily do a Half Marathon. Also, the route has about 171ft elevation gain, so helps with a little workout! I think I will be able to get down to 1:45 for my half marathon, when I run this trail at 8:00 pace, but that is my 6 month goal!

One of the huge benefit for me to run with them, apart from being able to get better with my cadence, its the depth of knowledge I gain talking to this group. Lot of them pace several different half marathon/marathon races all across US. If you think you have a question on a running injury, probably one of the runners have been there, dealt with it. In July I injured my IT Band, trying to up my miles. One of the runner, knew exactly what I should do, and how to recover. I wasn’t sure if I would get better and be able to run my AFC Half Marathon, but sure enough following the Snail’s Pace runner’s advice, I have managed to recover nicely and ran one of my Half Marathon PR! I got a good recommendation on a Sports Chiropractor.  Mind you, I was trying to read so many articles to figure out how to get myself back to running, but none of them made sense, the way this runner explained it to me!

The running group uses to keep track of our schedule, and runs. Its a convenient to be able to carpool with other runners to races. We get better discount codes on some runs.

Anyone can come run at the Wednesday Runs. But it helps if you join as a member, to pay for water and other stuff we get during the run. Membership is around 30$ for a year. But its so worth it.


Join Mission Viejo Snail’s Pace Meetup Group to check the schedule: Click here.

Snail’s Pace Mission Viejo is located at  24451 Alicia Pkwy, Mission Viejo, CA 92691

Wednesday Runs start precisely at 6:15 PM. Come for a run, if you are looking for a Wednesday Run Group! (First Wednesdays are also team meeting day, hosted at a pizza place close by, with pizza, salad and drinks!)

On Saturday, Mission Viejo Snail’s join South Coast Road Runners, for a long run. ( Follow South Coast Road Runners here ). I never ran this one, but they are some of the fast runners we have in OC, so you will be in for a treat!

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