Lexus Laceup Ventura Race Weekend was more than Perfect!



Lexus Laceup Ventura is my second Lexus Laceup Running series Stop. I genuinely like Lexus Laceup Running series. Its one of the well coordinated races. The word ‘Hospitality’ is what I think of when I attend their races. They allow race day BIB pickup/registration. Their online registration is open all the way into the race weekend. They usually bring out water/electrolyte/snacks prior to the race! There is always enough portable toilets. The ambassador discount codes are way more generous with a 30% off. Its very affordable in any sense. You get a nice quality tech-t, a finisher medal you would be proud to show off, and a shopping bag, which I think will help out any triathlete, to carry their wet clothes! Apart from that, the BIB comes with free tickets for food and beer! There is photo booth at the expo, and free shoe give away part of the instagram posts ( if you post with #lexuslaceup and get highest like). I also like the water stations where they give out beautiful water bottles to take home! This is pretty much standard at all of their races.  To top it all of you get to download free race photos!

Race day packet pickup/registration is a luxury! Love it!

Lexus Laceup Ventura had everything and some more. Picture perfect weather to start the running at 7am for half/10k. The course even tho had a elevation gain of about 150, also had a drop after, which helped with better time. It was an out and back course for a bit, but they managed in such a way that you don’t feel bored of the course. For Half, the course ran through streets, into the beach  with a gorgeous ocean view, and into the trail.

One thing I would say that is common in both Irvine Lexus Laceup race weekend and here, is the people! Everyone is super friendly. Between Half/5k and 10k they had little over 600 people which is typical for this race. If you are used to running with thousands of people you might get weirded out, but I do like small races.

They had Beast Pacing pacers at the race, and I initially wanted to follow the 1:50 pacer, but the weather was really good, so I thought I would just chase my own pace today! The course was pretty normal flat course for about 4 miles, and uphill for the next 4, and downhill for the last 4. It was a good mix. I finished with 1:47, but I would attribute that to the nice weather we had!

My boy friend had to work, so we left right after the race, after checking our results, but the expo seemed fun! I wish I had stopped by to get a lexus photo print. But Next time!!

If you are looking to check your results for Laceup Ventura go to this page.  –

Next of this series is Palos Verdes on November 19th and Riverside on Dec 4th. Sign up if you haven’t – Race is both walkers and runners friendly! Use code LACEUPALBERTO for a 30% discount.

One thing I would say about this race is if you are doing other big city races with lot of people, this is a good way to get your training/pre-race run in. They mark every mile, and with aid stations, and for a less than $60, this is a perfect race to try out before your big race!





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