Surfcity Half Marathon Registration at $96** with Nutty Fitmas Deal!


Surfcity Marathon/Half Marathon (February 5, 2017) is part of the Beach Cities Challenge. I already completed the Long Beach Half, so I am looking forward to doing the Surfcity Half. Surfcity Half Registration price at the moment is $139 which is pretty expensive for a half marathon. However, there is still a chance to register yourself for $96. I am here to tell you how!

Surfcity Marathon race team has added a new option as a Christmas deal. They are calling it ‘Nutty Fitmas‘. This deal offers you to register 2 half marathon entries for $199. During registration you enter your other person’s email address so he will be sent a code(You don’t need the other person’s personal details to register along with you which is convenient), which the other person will use to register later on their own. The first registering person will be billed $199. Both of you will get in for $199, which makes it $100 a person for half marathon – which is about $39 savings per person!

This is where my blog is going to take a turn as an Informercial you see on TV! On top of this, during registration, you can still use the code SCMABREGO10 for a 10% off discount. This will bring the price down to $90 a person. There is an online registration fee, so when running all the numbers, with the Nutty Fitmas Deal + SCMABREGO10 10% off code, you will end up paying $96 per person! This is really a good deal for a race that is only a month and a half away!

Site link:

Only catch is you need to go in on registration with a friend, as the first person register will get billed, so you need a very trust worthy reliable friend who would pay you back. Or if you run as a couple this is a no brainer deal!

Good luck with the registration! I almost thought the prices were at a point, where no new people would register, unless they have tons of money! Merry Christmas – or I must say Fitmas!

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