Beach Cities/Triple Crown Half Marathon Series and Registration Planning.


September 1st is coming up fast, and lot of price increases are coming up for several half marathon registrations. I wanted to write this post, to talk about some of my race registration planning.

My next running goal  is to complete Beach Cities Series of Half Marathons in Orange County area, and Triple Crown Series Half Marathons in San Diego area. For those who are not familiar with these series of half marathons, ( I wasn’t up until this year!), here is an intro.

Half Marathon Triple Crown Series is a series of 3 marathons around San Diego Area. The first is Carlsbad Half Marathon which takes place in January 15, 2017. The next one is La Jolla Half Marathon in April 23, 2017. The last one is Americas Finest City in San Diego in August 20th. Those that want the Triple Crown Series medal need to complete the half marathons all in the same calendar year. If this is your goal, you should register now, as the prices are lot cheaper.

  1. (Jan 15) Carlsbad Half Marathon is 110$ right now.Register here.
  2. (April 23) La Jolla Half Marathon – 80$ through August 31st. 10$ increase after.Register here. 
  3. (August 20) America’s Finest Half Marathon has a 40th anniversary discounted price of 69$ for another month. This is the cheapest I have seen. Register here.  (AFC allows transfers, so you can transfer you registration to someone else if you can’t make it).

Beach Cities Series is a series of Half or Full Marathons around Orange County area. Unlike the Triple Crown, the Beach Cities can be completed consecutively. You can start with any of the races, and try to finish 3 of them in a row. The next one coming up is Long Beach Half Marathon that I am planning to do on Oct 9, 2016. The second up in this series next is Surfcity Half Marathon that takes place on February 5, 2017. The last one is Orange County Half Marathon which is on May 7, 2017.

  1. (Oct 9, 2016) Long Beach Half Marathon is 110$ now. (Code RUNJLBMSP for 10% off). Register here.(price increase aug 31st midnight.)
  2. (February 5, 2017) Surfcity Half Marathon is 104$ now. (Code SCMABREGO10 for 10% off). Register here. (Price increase on Sep 6)
  3. (May 7, 2017) Orange County Half Marathon is 85$ now. Which is the cheapest at the moment. Register here.

I checked the dates for both series, and they don’t overlap. You will end up doing half marathons in Oct 2016, Jan 2017, Feb 2017, April 2017, May 2017, August 2017. So its a reasonable goal. The San Diego ones are beautiful courses, and Orange County ones are flat and nice.

The medals for both these races are so beautiful! I did get to see my friend Ashley’s Triple Crown Medal, and that is enough of a motivation for me to do these!  If you have other better deals do message me!!

Thanks for reading!


  1. […] Long Beach Half Marathon is my 4th Half Marathon. At this point, I am mentally prepared for a 13 mile distance. I know it is going to take about 2 hours and all I have to do when I am on the course is to count my blessings every time when the Garmin Mile Beeper goes off.  Over all I enjoyed the Long Beach Half Marathon, and here is my list of 11 things I liked and 2 things I didn’t! (Also, this is my first of the Beach Cities Challenge. I will be doing the Surfcity Half in February and OC Half in May. read about it here) […]


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