6 Reasons I am super Excited about San Diego Holiday Half Marathon!

I am running San Diego Holiday Half Marathon this weekend, and here are the 3 reasons why I am super excited about it!

1. This is my last Race for 2016


Yes.. finally. This is my last race for 2016, So after this Sunday, I can have a bottle of wine or champagne or Rose with our friends! Wine hasn’t been a good performance food as I learnt on my own. I have been drinking water, and have had like two glasses of wine in the last 3 weeks which is so not like me! I am looking forward to get into holiday spirit with a glass of wine and champs on Monday!

2. Its an all down hill course


Most every race I have run has been hills. Starting with Laguna Hills Memorial Half, AFC, Ventura, Palos Verdes, Riverside, Los Angeles Rock N Roll and even Long Beach (people call that 80 ft clim a bridge, but its hill for me!). I been told this course is an all down hill course, so I am looking forward to enjoying my run without having to fight those damn hills!

3. I been told they give out super cool Swags


I don’t know all the specifics, but our friend Brittany says they give out cool swags at this race! Checking their past race reviews it seems like they used to give out thermal blankets and thermal gloves. I do think they have cool medals!

4. Salvation Army drop bins at mile 1 and 2 to drop throw away jackets


Most races do this, to collect the throw away jackets and clothes runners leave behind and donate them. But this race goes one step above, by leaving a drop box at mile 1 and 2 for people to drop them in! I think its pretty neat!

5. Super perfect weather forecast


The forecast so far looks like it will be more than perfect!

6. You can have your friends pick up your bib

Even tho it sucks that they don’t allow race day bib pickup, they do kindly offer for your friends to pick up your bib!

About San Diego Holiday Half

San Diego Holiday Half Marathon is on Dec 18th – Sunday – morning at 7:00am. Registration is closed, but you can buy unclaimed bibs on Saturday evening after 7pm at the Expo. Check out details on their website – http://sdhalfmarathon.com/


    • It was a good fun race! It was cold but in a way its good for running i guess. it was downhill, but what I didnt realize is even tho it was downhill, it had enough hills as well! we all had our PRs and a good work out!!


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