Road Runner Laguna Hills Wednesday Night Run Club Kicks off today!


I always felt like Orange County needs more group runs. I do run with South Coast Road Runners(Mondays and Thursdays), Snail’s Pace(Wednesdays), and Endurance House(Tuesdays), each group gets different group of people. Some of us who live in Irvine/Lake Forest, kind of make it to all the 3 runs but mostly each run gets different set of people, because of the location/proximity.  Road Runner Adventure Runs always brought in lot of casual runners, families and children to get running!

As popular as Road Runner’s Adventure Runs are during the summer month, I never felt like it was a real ‘training run’, as we usually chase after stores, and collect raffles. It is fun, and I do know some people that run fast to make it to all the stores, but as a beginner, I could never use this as my training run, as I have more frequent stops/traffic lights, and on top of that, the aspect of treasure hunt to locate the stores.  I did in my own ways wonder about why Road Runner never got into organizing a group runs on weekdays.  Well, Andrea Kooiman from Road Runner Laguna Hills is helping to fix that.

Starting today, Road Runner Laguna Hills Store will be hosting their ‘Wendesday Night Run Club’. It has the usual Road Runner fixings such as raffle tickets and prizes. Run starts at 6:30pm, but you will need to check in so you might have to plan on arriving there around 6:00pm. The route will the bike path that runs adjacent to ‘Los Alisos’ street. (those of you that ran to collect Laceup Running raffle tickets at a park last Adventure run – its that area). Snail’s Pace team usually runs this trail at 6:15pm,and I do run this trail at night, and its pretty safe. It does get darker, so make sure to bring head lamps, or tag along with someone that has the light. Its an out and back loop, so you can turn around whenever you feel like, but you could easily do 5k to 10k at this trail.

For this week, I hear there will be Brooks Swag and fuel as prizes, but depending on the sponsors they sure will hook you up with free shoes and stuff in the future.

I am not a fan of tread mill running, and if its not for group run I wouldn’t be out running at night on my own. So I am super excited for this new group run choice on Wednesday night. If you shy away from Snail’s Pace group because of membership fee, and such, Road Runner is your perfect choice to get running Wednesday nights!

The first run kick starts tonight at 6:00pm(Run starting at 6:30pm).  Its free! And you will be running with tons of people! Be there!


Road Runner Sports
24291 Avenida de la Carlota
Suite P-5
Laguna Hills, CA 92653Road Runner Sports
24291 Avenida de la Carlota
Suite P-5
Laguna Hills, CA 92653

Time: Jan 4th 6:00pm. Run Starts at 6:30pm. One hour , walk/run.  It will be a regular wednesday run every wednesday same time.

Meetup Link:

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