October Race Round Up & Discount Codes!


Summer is over, and I know for sure because I had this bad case of sinus and cold for a week! Fall is not particularly my favorite seasons, and I never cared for Pumpkin anything, however, I do think its nicer to run in colder weather than in summer heat! October had alwasy been my busy race month as most every race I like is on this one month! Here is a race packed October Schedule and discount codes!!

Oct 8, 2017 – Long Beach Marathon/Half

Link: https://www.motivrunning.com/run-longbeach/

Code: Use code RUNWITHTAM for 10% off ($125 for half and $140 for full before discount)

Things I Like: Its not particularly an easy race, as the sun comes out half way through the race (even for half marathon), so you would be running in good heat for most part, however, the course is flat, the medal is nice, and it is part of the Beach Cities Challenge, so that will be your reason!

Tips: Buy the parking ticket at the expo if you are new to the area. I ran in Long Beach on a weekend for another race, and took me for ever to find a street parking!

Oct 15, 2017 – SurfCity 10

Link: https://www.motivrunning.com/surf-city-10miler/

Code: Code SC10MAHESH17 for 10% off ($65 for 10miler, $55 for 10k, $45 for 5k)

Things I Like: Run in Huntington Beach/PCH is always fun and I look forward to my Surfcity Half and Surfcity 10 for it! The medals are the best!

Tips: Get there early and park at the beach parking lot. Its free on race day morning. Also , make sure to sign up at the expo for next year, the prices tend to be much cheaper! Even tho its 10miler, I opt to do the 10k, because its cheaper and shorter!

Oct 22, 2017 – Lexus Laceup Ventura Marathon/half

Link: https://venturamarathon.com/

Code: LACEUPMAHESH for 10% off.

Things I Like: I never ran this particular course, however, this is one of the favorite downhill course for many of the runners I know. Free photos, Lexus swags would make it all worth your time here!

Tips: Check the travel time to Ventura. Its pretty far from OC! Also don’t sweat about the travel if you are driving on the race day, I have done it and I had been fine. Just need to get up awfully early like 2:30am or something!

Oct 29, 2017 – Rock N Roll Los Angeles

Link: http://www.runrocknroll.com/los-angeles/

Things I Like: I don’t really run in LA that much so this is an excuse to get out there and run.

Tips: Even tho its down town, the course is pretty hilly, and at times they don’t really finalize the course up until last minute, so take it easy here!


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