California Dreamin’ Challenge – SurfCity Half/Marathon + The San Francisco Marathon

When I was planning my races for 2017, I signed up for Surfcity Half Marathon ( which is taking place February 5th 2017 – Sunday!) as part of the Beach Cities Challenge. Also, I have been meaning to go up to San Francisco to see my  coworker friend Kat and my coworker friend Lea for a while, so signed up for San Francisco Half Marathon (2nd half Marathon) for July 23, 2017.

When I signed up I didn’t realize, they had a challenge going with these two races already. But I am glad now I know that. So this is how it works.

The challenge is called ‘California Dreamin’ Challenge’. You get a super cool spinner medal that depicts the Huntington Beach Pier and San Francisco Golden Gate on each side. from the photos it looks absolutely beautiful! Having lived in Orange County ever since I moved to US – for past 16 years, I feel like this is such a perfect challenge/medal to earn!


I remember lot of people from my running group – Snail’s Pace, ran San Francisco Half Marathon/Marathon last year, that are running the Surfcity Half Marathon in two weeks. You have to remember to pick up the medals. The medal challenge is consecutive, so if you had run San Francisco Marathon/Half last year, and doing the Surfcity half this year, you will be able to pick up your medal at Surfcity.  If you are running San Francisco Half/marathon in July this year, and doing the Surfcity with me on Feb 5th – we will be able to pick up our California Dreamin’ medal at SF in July!


Surfcity Marathon/Half Marathon Details:

  1. registration: (USe code SCMABREGO10   for 10% off)
  2. Date : February 5, 2017


The San Francisco Half Marathon Details:

  1. Registration: (there is a lot of San Francisco Marathon but this is the TSFM – The San Francisco Marathon – that takes place in July 23, 2017)
  2. Date: July 23, 2017
  3. The first half is hilly, and the second half is easier one. they Have full marathon, first half half, 2nd half half, and a 5k.
  4. Price increase is coming Monday Jan 30, 2017.

For more details around California Dreamin’ Challenge – check out their page.

If you haven’t thought of this challenge, but have done TSFM or planning to do SurfCity, may be this blog will get you thinking about completing the challenge series! You still got time!


  1. I’m in Seattle. California races sound great! Something to add to my list for next year, as I’m already all booked up with local stuff for this one. :). Good luck with your training!


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