Surfcity Race Weekend is here – Bib Pickup,Parking, Elevation Chart, and Other key things you need to know


Surfcity Marathon/Half Marathon weekend is finally here. Apart from the fact that this is my 11th half marathon, and 2nd half marathon for 2017, his is also my 2nd stop for my Beach Cities Challenge and first stop for my California Dreaming Challenge.  So, all the more reasons to be super nervous and excited about it! Its their 20th year. Surfcity Half marathon attracts a serious number of Crowd. In 2016, they had about 12,000 half marathoners and 2000 marathoners. (Which is 3000 lesser than previous years). Its going to be a super crowded race, and I have to say I am not used to crowds. The most busiest race I have run so far, is LA Rock and Roll Half, which was about 8,000 people. I don’t have any time in mind to break a PR or anything like that. With my carry on injury prior to the Carlsbad, I have been running less each week, but upon my running buddy/mentor Sandra Wendler’s recommendation, I took a whole week off, and feel little better. My goal like any race I run is to – RUN! and I will be happy to see the finish line and my finish line beer!

I went over the runner information and have compiled this list as a cheat sheet for me to easily remember all the key information for the race weekend(including weather and detailed elevation chart!). If  you are running either Half Marathon or Marathon, you will find this as useful!

BIB Pickup

  1. No race day bib pickup unless you have paid an arm and a leg for the VIP upgrade which I don’t. For us mere mortels, the options are to pick it up at the expo either Friday evening or Saturday.
  2. Hours:
    1. Friday, February 3 from 1PM to 7PM,( I am planning to go tonight!)
    2. Saturday, February 4 from 9AM to 5PM
  3. Address:
    1. Huntington Beach Parking Lot, 21291 Pacific Coast Highway Huntington Beach, CA 92648 (Link for your phone map app – click here )
    2. If you are familiar with the area, drive to HB Beach as if you are going to the pier. You cant miss the expo. Its just around that Beach Parking Lot across from those hotels.
  4. Find your BIB number here.

Race Day and Time

  1. Race day is Sunday – February 5th 2017. Just to get that out of the way!
  2. Hours: (note the Half Marathon starts at 7:45am. It seems odd, but lot of races that have both half and full marathon seem to do the 7:45am as a winter timing thing)
    1. – Wheelchair Marathon: 6:25 a.m.
    2. – Full Marathon: 6:30 a.m.
    3. – Half Marathon: 7.45 a.m.

Race Day Parking

  1. There is an elaborated parking info page on the race site page. (Click here ).
  2. But in my opinion these are the choices.
    1. Even if you do half marathon at 7:45, get there early, as marathon people would take up most spots as their race starts at 6:30am.(About 2000 participants for marathon + their guests, and about 11,000 participants for half marathon + their guest). So i would recommend you get there early and plan a nap or something at the parking lot!
    2. I don’t usually mind parking on the south end of the beach parking, and do my warm up run to the race start line and just hang out there. It sounded like the race day beach parking may be free but I can’t tell from their website. But when I did the surfcity 10k, I had to pay.
    3. Bring Cash! Bring lot of dollar bills, and atleast four $5 bills. Just in case.
    4. The website offers several other options, but I am going to try the beach parking, as it has beach side restrooms!
Official Parking Guideline (credit:

Course Hydration/Gel/Restrooms

  1. Water stations at every 2 miles. First water station is close to Mile 2.
  2. Cliff Gels are provided at mile 8, 9, 10.5, 12 for the Half Marathon and MILES 12, 13, 14.5, 15.5 for the Marathon.
  3. I pray to god I don’t have to use the restroom, but if things happen, restrooms are available on the course, at 1,2,5,6,7,9,10,11,12 for half marathon, and for rest of the marathon course, its at each mile starting mile 17. I don’t know why you need this but it should give you an idea to either skip a crowded restroom, or to make a call and use one if you must!

Race Day Weather

here is the temp/percipitation/wind info for race day. I just know the temperature is good. but not sure if the 82% humidity and 1 to 2 mph wind is a good or bad thing.


Race Results

  1. Look up your race results here – link
  2. Save/Book mark, pass it to your loved ones to track.

Course and  Elevation Chart

Half Marathon Course Elevation – Per Each Mile
Marathon Course Elevation – For every 2 miles


Post Race Tips

  1. If you are interested in running this race next year, there is a special registration booth for 2018 race. Make sure to check that out. You get a free key chain, along with much cheaper price.
  2. There is beer garden – that is free. Make sure to check it out.

Good luck to all of us that race this Sunday! See you there!

Race Pace Calculation tools

  1. Use this McMillan tool to forecast your past race time to see what your possible race time can be for this race. –
  2. If you have a goal time in mind use this chart to figure out what your pace must be.



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