5 Reasons why you need to Sign up for Athlinks



Most everyone of us that run or bike, have our Strava Account! I love using Strava to track my training, look at training statistics, look at other athlete’s training feed, to get inspired, to find new routes! My next favorite site, is Athlinks.com. As much as Strava is helpful with tracking my Garmin data, and provide excellent analytics, what it lacks is official ‘Race’ results from race directors. This is where Athlinks comes in to play, and in big time! I am listing out my top 5 reasons why every Runner should have sign up for Athlinks.com!


1. They already have your past race results

If you have been running races, whether 10 months or 10 years, chances are, Athlinks already has all your past official race time/results/age placement etc. Go to  http://www.athlinks.com (You dont need an account to look up results) and look up your name, and if you see your results, its about time you sign up and claim your results!


2. You don’t have to do the math to figure out your PR

If you signup, and claim your own results, Athlinks makes it easier to know your fastest PR time, and how you rank amongst others in your age group that you run in your races. Ever since I started to run, this is a key feature/reward for me to see my time get faster, and my percentage shrim to under 25%. I am almost there!


3. Look up your age group’s past times for races you are planning to run

Athlinks, providing all the results in a single website, helps me to get an idea of what people’s time is like at a race from the past data. For an instance, I ran Palos Verdes Half Marathon last month, and with the hills, I had no idea what to expect interms of time. So I went back and looked at the past results for people in my age group to get an idea of what I could aim for. Also, if I know someone its helpful to see how they did at the same course in the previous years!

4. Sneak through your personal running Idol’s past race times

I do use this a lot. There are quite a few people that I run with part of my running group that inspire me, and I aspire to be fraction as fast as them some day. Athlinks really helped me to look into some of these amazing runner’s past race time, to realize the amount of work they have put in to be as fast they are! Lot of people that I run with are on Athlinks. Even if not, you can always search for anyone’s name on athlinks.

5. Its Free

All of this record keeping/reporting/analytics of your race data ,comes with no cost! Its free! Race Data is Athlinks company’s passion, and they probably have world’s largest database of race results!

Go sign up! – http://www.athlinks.com. Racing without Athlinks is not fun!



Most major race results are loaded on to Athlinks,  but if you see your race is not on there, or you run smaller races, do notify them where they can find the results, and they will make it available. – Submit your request through https://athlinks.zendesk.com/hc/en-us/requests/new

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