Lexus Laceup Running Series 2018 & Discount Code!

I am back with Laceup Running Series as one of their Ambassadors! All that means is I like running their races, and I get to share a 10% discount code with rest of my friends and fellow runners!

Code ‘laceupmahesh’ gets you 10% off on all their races.


  1. Irvine – Date not announced.
  2. Ventura – Oct 20/21st
  3. Palos Verdes – Nov 17th
  4. Riverside – Dec 2nd


It will be another year of running with Lexus Laceup – the race focus more on people and community! Yes – there will be food, beer, finisher medals/challenge series medals, tech ts, free photos – and everything else you expect to see with this race!! – all included at no cost!

Sign up! See you at the race!

Mahesh Sethuraman

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