Run. Race. Repeat.

Even after few years of running, I am not one of those people that wakes up in the morning craving to go run few miles. I do love running, don’t get me wrong. When I run, I do love the feeling of running, and what it brings to me – the discipline, and the opportunity to train my self at various aspects of what it takes to run – To breath, to endure and to persevere! However, running isn’t the most fun thing I would pick out to do in a days time! One thing I do learnt over the years about myself is that I am motivated to train hard for a goal. If the goal is fun then it gives me as much enthusiasm to train. I do realize, lot of us are like that, we are driven to train for a goal, train for a cause. Between running every day to run, vs running to train – so I can run a race at the end of the month with a better time as a goal – I would think the later would drive me to do better with my running everyday than just to run everyday!

The way I keep myself motivated is by signing up to a race most every month if I can afford. It doesn’t have to be a big name race. It could be a community race down the street, but as long as it has the aspect of competition, and if its timed, I am all in! Last year I made a decision not to run races that are expensive. I look for races that are $80 or less for half marathons, and $40 or less for 5ks. SO far I have been lucky enough to find races that fits my budget! If you can’t race, do go for a group run and try to stick with the front pack once in a while to push yourself! It might give you that motivation without all the hassle of a race!

I would love to get few of my running groups once a month to race a mile just to give everyone that opportunity to measure their progress and to compete as a community! But for now, our monthly club runs – that designate several different races throughout the year is a good way to keep racing through the year!

My goal for rest of the year is to run all the Laceup Running Series races in Irvine, Palos Verdes, Ventura and Riverside. I want to do one of the 4th of July races close to my house( I dont have the energy to drive to Coronado, CA this year no thank you!).

My next race is Orange Park Acre 5k – and I want to run with my friend and want to run a better time! Better than what – that would depend on what condition I am in that week, however, I am looking to train myself to be the best of my condition!

Good luck to me and good luck to everyone of you that set out to train to be better – better at fitness, better at your personal time, better at whatever you want to be better at!

Here are some races for rest of the year! Global Runnign deal are still valid at most of the race sites!

Where to race on 4th of July!

Global Running Day Deals – 2018

Lexus Laceup Running Series 2018 & Discount Code!

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