Surfcity 5k/10k/10 miler price increase and a 10% Discount Code!


Update : Oct 15, 2016

  1. Registration is still open at
  2. 10 miler is $65, ,10k is $55, 5k is $45. Use code RGSC10 for 10% off. Its still valid.
  3. Start time for the race: 7:00am for 10miler, 7:45am for 10k, 8:15 for 5k.
  4. Parking is at the beach parking or street parking. Get there early.
  5. There will be gear check.
  6. All the 3 distances receive the same medal. But the medal is beautiful.

Expo – Open until 6:00pm. Across from Hilton Waterfront Resort in HB.

Original Post:

Surfcity 5k/10k/10 miler takes place in Huntington Beach, close to the Pier area, on October 16th 2016.  This race has been on my list of races to do for a while, and in fact, I signed up for this race back in May when the prices were cheap. The main reason being Surfcity 10k/10 mile medals are one of the’s Top 11 Best Race-Day Medals.  If you are like me, that loves your Finisher Medals, this race must be on your list!

The course is super flat, and comes with a promise of no Hills, which I believe. The Course is a loop around PCH, right by the water and pier. I am pretty sure there will be tons of people crowding the entire stretch of the course, as its right in the middle of the heavy foot traffic area but more people will be good to keep that race day energy going. Also, from their chart, it looks like there will be water stations most every mile. (two stations that you cross twice)

I signedup for the 10k. Lot of my friends have signed up for either 10k, or 5k. So there is going to be bunch of us doing this race under the group name ‘Pink Brunch Brigade’. This race is right after the Long Beach Half Marathon weekend which is on Oct 9th, so I am not sure if I will be running for time, or just pray to Jesus, to finish the course without crashing down. But I am very much looking forward to this race.

Prices are going up tonight(Sep 6, 2016). ( Around 10$ I suspect). Current prices

  1. 10 miler is 55$s
  2. 10k is 45$
  3. 5k is 35$

Use code RGSC10 for a 10% discount.  If you are planning to do this race, sign up before midnight today! Register here.

Thanks for reading!

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