October Race Roundup – Long Beach Half, Surfcity 10k, LA Rock and Roll Half


Autumn has been interesting. I am getting used to running in colder weather and dark. Most my weekday runs with my running groups are at 6:15pm/6:30pm. It has been better weather most days, except yesterday. It was super hot. But I would rather run in a hot weather than watch the mad man Trump talk on TV in real time. I only mentioned his name, coz he runs.. and this is my running blog!  Over the course of last few months, I have signed up for several races, in October, and now I am trying to figure out how I am going to do it. Two Half marathons and a 10k. But I just wanted to write this blog to list out the races I am doing in October!

I originally signed up for Surfcity 10k, because the medals are nice and its close to home. It takes place on October 16th. Registration is still open ($50 for 10k, $40 for 5k, $60 for 10miler). I signed up for the 10k. My boy friend and our friend Amber are doing this one as well, so its going to be a lot of fun! Registration link: http://surfcity10.com/ (Use code RGSC10 for a 10% discount.)

I have been wanting to do the Beach Cities Challenge, and unlike Triple Crown in SD, which is calendar based, where you have to run 3 races in the same calendar year, BEach Cities, allows 3 races consecutively (Long Beach in Oct, Surfcity Marathon weekend in Feb and Orange County Marathon weekend in May), I wanted to start with LB this year. Both Long Beach and Surfcity 10 are consecutive weekend. I have once run a back to back race, but with a 5k and 10k, not with a half marathon. I don’t think I have enough miles in my training to be able to recover that fast, and to do a 10k right after a half marathon weekend. My current plan is to do my best with Long Beach Half, and just run the Surfcity10 as best as I can. Every one gets a finisher medal anyways! And I can always run my training pace without hurting myself. Long Beach Half Marathon is still open for registration at $120.(http://www.runlongbeach.com/). Race is on Oct 9th.(Code RUNJLBMSP for 10% off)

LA Rock and Roll takes place on Oct 30th. I only signed up to do this race, because it was on sale, during the Global Running Day for $50 which has been the cheapest price I have ever paid for a half, and I never ran a Rock and Roll Half Marathon before. I hear there will be bands every mile, and its more fun than other races. I am very much looking forward to doing this race. Registration is still open but at $99. (http://www.runrocknroll.com/los-angeles/)(Code RNRSERIES16 for $10 off)

Its a lot of races, but I am thinking I do have to run every week/weekend, so I might as well go run at the races. I have been running regularly with my running groups, so hopefully I will be able to do well in these races! I will be taking a break in November and December, with no half marathons, so I will go big in October!

  1. Oct 9th – Long Beach Half Marathon – registration at $120.(http://www.runlongbeach.com/) (Code RUNJLBMSP for 10% off)
  2. Oct 16th – Surfcity10 – ($50 for 10k, $40 for 5k, $60 for 10miler) Registration link: http://surfcity10.com/ (Use code RGSC10 for a 10% discount.)
  3. Oct 30th – LA Rock and Roll – Registration is open at $99. (http://www.runrocknroll.com/los-angeles/)(Code RNRSERIES16 for $10 off)

I need someone to carpool with for the LA Rock and Roll, so if you want to drive from OC to LA with me message me!

Happy Autumn Running!

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