2014 and 2015 – Catch up races for Laguna Hills Memorial Day ‘Joint Chiefs of Staff medal’ – 4/23/2017



One of the Long Running Challenge Medal Series in OC is the Laguna Hills Memorial Day event’s ‘Join Chiefs of Staff’ medal.  This Challenge Series started in 2014, and the way it works is starting with 2014, you run Laguna Hills Memorial Day Half Marathon/10k or 5k every year, for next 5 years. (2014, 2015, 2016, 2017 and 2018), and you will earn the ‘Joint Chiefs of Staff’ Medal at the race in 2018! I only started running this year, so obviously my first race with Laguna Hills Memorial Day is the Half Marathon I did this year, in 2016. Technically I didn’t do the 2014 or 2015 races. So every time someone talks about their goal to get the ‘Joint Chiefs of Staff’ medal in 2018, I could do nothing but envy them!(Marc Owen in our running group has run this race since 2011 and is on his way to earn this medal in 2018!). Its not like a yearly challenge such as Tri Crown or Beach Cities, where I can try next year!

Joint Chiefs of Staff – Challenge Medal

Being a medal junkie, I did ask Renegade about this race, and challenge medal series, and I found they do run a ‘make up race’ in April for people that might have missed previous years. Laguna Hills Memorial Day races are in May. But this ‘make up’ race consists of a 5k (not half), that you can register and run. Its gun timed. And, depending on the availability they will give out the 2014/2015 and now possibly 2016 medals left over from the previous years.

The dates for this ‘Recon Retread’ race for 2017/April hasnt been announced yet, but it will be around this time.  The Recon Retread will be on April 23rd , and will be a 5k. Registration fee is $23. Use code MAHESHDISCOUNT for a 10% off.  Registration Link here.

So, if you started to run Laguna Hills Memorial Day Race this year, you could sign up and do make up races in 2017 and 2018, and do the main race both year and quality for the medal. If you have missed any year between 2014/2015/2016, you can still make it up with one of the two available make up race!

Hope that helps! With that, make sure you sign up for the 2016 Laguna Hills Memorial Day races when the prices are still cheap! ($80 for half, $30 for 5k, $35 for 10k). I already blogged about why I love this race so much – read it here if you have time.

Register for Laguna Hills Memorial Day Half here – http://www.lagunahillshalfmarathon.com/

Medal for 2017 is already published and its beautiful!





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