Spring into Summer Group Run Routes


With the time change, I get to run in day light. Its hot, which I don’t like. I would rather run in cold weather than hot weather. But the extra sunlight does make the runs pretty. Both Endurance House Tuesday Group Run and South Coast Road Runner Monday and Thursday night runs switched our routes to summer route, which is nice and scenic!

If you are looking to run with a group check our running groups. If you are running on your own, do consider these beautiful routes!

Monday  South Coast Road Runner – Peters Canyon Route

South Coast Road Runners usually run at the Hicks Canyon/Jeffrey Open trail route during winter, as its well lit and safe(with enough water stops!). However with the extra day light, the summer route is switched to Peters Canyon now. I never ran this route before, so I find this route to be very beautiful, scenic, and challenging! The loop I ran was about 6.75 miles, but rest of the group did an additional loop which came about 7.2 mile total. The route was had about 330ft up hill for about 2.6 miles, and few steep grade 8% to 9% uphills. But as challenging as it was, it was nice downhill on the way back, so it was all not that bad.  There is a water fountain at mile 3+.

Address: Cedar Grove Park, 11385 Pioneer Road  Tustin, CA 92782

Group: South Coast Road Runners 

Time: Monday nights, 6:15pm. Make sure to be there around 6:10pm atleast.

Parking: Park at the park parking lot. If the lot is full, find parking at the Peter’s Canyon Elementary School parking lot.

Route on Strava: https://www.strava.com/activities/937056796/overview

It will be nice if you decide to join the group as member, but feel free to come check us out and join the run! The Route is pretty safe once you know your way around it first time.

Monday – SCRR _ Peters Canyon
Monday – SCRR – Peters Canyon

Tuesday Endurance House Aliso Trail Run Route

Endurance House Tuesday 6 mile route is now switched to Aliso Trail. Its one of the beautiful trail, and its as peaceful and beautiful as it gets! Its an out and back loop, so we manage to do about 6 miles. The group meets at Endurance House Store in Laguna Niguel. THe route is an easy grade 1% to 2% up hill for few miles. There is no water fountains in the route. So be prepared.

Address: 24012 Aliso Creek Road, Laguna Niguel, CA 92677

Group: Endurance House Group Run

Time: Tuesday Nights, 6:15pm. Make sure to be there around 6:10pm atleast.

Parking: Plenty of parking at the shopping complex.

Route on Strava: 

endurance house

There is no ‘member’ fee. Feel free to come run with this group anytime. If you run 10 times consecutively you will get a nice tech-t! Jeff who organizes this run is known to extend his hospitality getting us pizza, cake and beer quite often!

Endurance House Tuesday Run at Aliso Trail
Endurance House Tuesday Run
Endurance House Tuesday Run

Wednesday Snail’s Pace Mission Viejo Run Route

Snail’s pace Mission Viejo’s run route hardly ever changes, but with time change, its nicer to run this route now, than in the dark! The group meets at 6:15pm at the Mission Viejo Snail’s Pace Store, and the run is usually a 5mile out and back run. You can extend that to any distance as you feel , as its a strail that heads up towards Cook’s Corner. The trail runs through houses, so it has its good and bad! I find the trail to be nicer!

Address: 24451 Alicia Pkwy, Mission Viejo, CA 92691

Group: Snail’s Pace

Time: Wednesday Nights, 6:15pm. Make sure to be there around 6:10pm atleast.

Parking: Plenty of parking at the shopping complex.

Route on Strava: 

snails pace


Snail’s Pace Wednesday Run
Snail’s Pace Wednesday Run
Snail’s Pace Wednesday Run

Thursday South Coast Road Runner – Irvine – San Diego Creek Trail Route

South Coast Road Runner’s Thursday Run now loops through part of San Diego Creek Trail instead of the all-street winter runs. It comes about 6 miles, with 3 water stops in between. The group meets at Heritage Park in Irvine and runs through Yale/Jeffrey and San Diego Creek trail – as a lollipop loop.

Address: Heritage Park , 14301 Yale Ave, Irvine

Time: 6:15pm.

Parking: Plenty of parking.

Strava Route:


Thursday SCRR Irvine San Diego Creek Run
Thursday Irvine SCRR San Diego Creek Run
Thursday SCRR Irvine San Diego Creek Run

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