Tesla -Your Cancellation request has been received.

mahesh tes


This is not a running post. Except the time I put my tesla order in and the time I started to run my first running race is around the same time!

Back in April 2016, I was one of the half a million people that got excited to put my hard earned $1000 down to reserve a ‘Tesla Model 3’. Everything about Model 3 sounded exciting. It was going to be the first car to be under $40k, and with tax credit of $7,500 it will be even sub $30k. I really was excited. Never once did I question about my wanting to stand in line to save a spot for a car that none of us even knew was really real, at an expense of $1000.

However, life doesn’t always turn out the way we want. I apparently don’t hate my Hyundai Sonata, as much as I thought I did. In fact, over the last year I learnt to appreciate my Hyundai a little more than I did in the past. The car payment coming to an end in November, makes me want to like my Hyundai even more. On top of that, the things I learn about Tesla Model 3 doesn’t sound very comforting personally. My calculations of $7500 tax credit minus my car trade in to get a tesla at sub $20k, could still be viable, but the Standard Car doesn’t have anything that makes Tesla a Tesla. If at all anything the basic Model 3 standard car would make you feel so inferior for not being able to afford the real Tesla Car. I have gone to specially priced wine nights at Capital Grille, but I usually end up feeling much cheaper being at an expensive place for a deal, than feeling luxurious at a place at my own price point. So that is that.

I have come to all this realization and I have decided to let go off my Tesla dream ever so gently and gracefully! Instead of being on the half a million crowd, I am now one of the 60,000 people that have cancelled our orders!

I will have much better things to do with $1,000 such as saving myself. Rest of you can save the planet with your new Tesla! Like Oprah says, put the oxygen mask on yourself first! That’s what I am going to do!

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