Global Running Day Deals 2019

Updated: June 4, 2019 - 1:11pm Pacific

Global Running Day is June 5, 2019. There will be discounts and deals on races. I will be updating this page through the week to add any new deals/discounts.

$59 San Diego RnR Half and other Rock N Roll Deals

Most of the races are $10 off, but for so cal there is only san diego on the deal list now! $59 for half marathon. Check them out.

$89 Long Beach Half (Sunday Oct 13, 2019)

Long Beach Half Marathon has reduced their price to $99 for half marathon. Use code LBMBR10  for a 15% off on top, which brings the price down to $89. Best price.


$79 Surfcity Half Marathon (Sunday Feb 2, 2020)

Surfcity Half Marathon has reduced their price to $79. No discount code needed(I cant find one either!).


$34 Surfcity 10k (Saturday September 21, 2019)

I am not a big fan of this race, but some of you are, so here it goes. Surfcity 10k has reduced their price to $40. Code SC10BR10 gets you 15% off.

$80 La Jolla Half ( SUNDAY, APRIL 26, 2020 )

This is not quite a deal, but La Jolla Half Marathon registration opened at $80 for their 2020. If I find a better price I will post, but $80 is still good price in my opinion.


2 for 1 Lexus Laceup Orange County 5k Entry ($40 for two entries)

This is one of the better deals. You get two 5k entry for the price of one. Just sign up using this link.

$72 Lexus Laceup Orange County Half Marathon(20% off relay)

I am not a big fan of the marathon relay, but I dont even have that many friends to make a 5 people relay group so dont take my word for it. I have seen families come run the relay in groups and its been a fun event. You get 20% off for marathon relay and 20% off for Lexus Laceup Orange County Half Marathon using code GLOBAL.


Use code GLOBAL for 20% off

Check other deals: Check other discounts

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