Closing out the Decade – The Last Sprint!

I ran my last race for this year – this weekend. It was a half marathon, part of the Lexus Laceup Running Series that I ambassador/volunteer for. I almost didn’t run it. I am not the one to say Long Story short, because if I have a long story I will give you a long story! And here is how it goes! I should know more than any one the dates of our races for Laceup, but somehow, I got into a cruise control auto pilot mode with Lace up races, that I thought Riverside race was on Saturday.

Mind you, the Irvine one and Palos Verdes were both Saturday races which I also ran. So Saturday came, with rain all through the Friday night. I prepped myself Friday night for a race day Saturday. Ate a big bowl of pasta for lunch Friday,and for dinner. Went to bed around 7pm. I got up at 3:30am to start my race day rituals such as coffee, breakfast, shower, dog walking! AS I was almost ready to get in my car, I log back on to the website to check the address and I noticed the race was Sunday. Too late, I already had 2 cups of coffee, so I went back to bed and stayed up reading some old book for 2 hours before I passed out. I didnt think I wanted to go back again next day to run the race. So I thought that was that, and went through all Saturday as if I had nothing to run on Sunday – which is to drink two mimosas, and eat hawaiian bbq for dinner and all that. I went to bed late in the night, but somehow woke up at around 3:00am and under neath it at all, I couldn’t bring myself to skip a race that I signed up for and planned on running all along. Each race I sign up is a commitment I make with myself, and what sort of person would I be to break that commitment. So I thought and decided to shower and head out and run as best as I can given I had pretty much ruined my pre race day routines. One hour drive on fwy 91 isn’t my idea of a Sunday plan but so It was. I also took the long way to Riverside, trying to save on toll fees! Adding another 10mins to my drive.

As I got there, the day was beautiful. Nice crisp day, not too cold nor hot. The sun was hiding behind the clouds. The wind behaved. I have run this race few years ago and I know the attendance at half is minimal, which means, you dont have that many people to tag along and trail on the course. That is the challenge, but given how my weekend has been I didnt have any expectation. They were giving out santa hats. I never ran wearing costumes for a long run before, but since I had almost given up on making any times at the race, I decided to wear a santa hat and make it festive and fun! I was prepared for the hat to start itching half way through the run but who is to stop me! AS I was standing in the front with dozen people that were aiming to do 1:30s and 1:40s, I turned around and said Hi to a guy who said he was planning to run a 1:40. I was like 1:40 would be good, so I stayed close to him. The race started, every one picked up their pace. Settled on their routines. The 1:40 pacer was little behind us. The day was still beautiful, the course was mostly through the neighborhood and some trail. Its not super challenging, but had few ups and mostly flat course. For a race that I had no goal, I realized I was just running there running my heart out! As I came to the finish, with my santa hat still intact I just told my self happy holidays!

That was my last race race for the year and I don’t have any more race signed up for rest of the year. Come to think about it, its the last year of this decade. How fast did time fly! and my little Santa hat race had been my last race for the decade! I am so happy I made it up to the race and didn’t break my commitment to run the race. We have few more weeks to close out this year 2019 and this decade! I feel like its the last sprint!

Lot of you still have races to run, run with your heart! What a privilege it is to wake up to a new day and to run a new mile! We as runners, are so blessed to earn this on every run we do. I don’t think a cross fit class or Les Mills bodypump would make you feel that way. I always feel like I am a chopping block of a chef when I do those classes, but when I run, I feel like one of those horses running in the wood – its a whole new feeling! As much as I love my gym classes, nothing makes me feel the way running makes me feel! I hope these last few weeks run would help you get to your next goal and finish this decade strong! As far me, I am back running and training for life! Aren’t we all!!

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