Great Park Roadrunners – Routes – Tuesday, Thursday, Saturday

Great Park Roadrunners aim to bring together our neighbors and runners of all ages/paces for weekly runs. Our routes are usually in and around Great Park Neighborhoods/Sports Park. Its a great way to experience our beautiful neighborhood and day to day happening /progress around all the cool things that are taking place(like the container food hall being built close to the hangar next to the stadium and the newly opened Bosque) while getting your fitness on!

We meet by Parasol Park Living Room.

Our runs are

1. Tuesday 6pm – 3mile or 5 mile.

2. Thursday 6pm – 2mile/3 mile/5 mile.

3. Saturday – 8am (morning!:)) 8 mile long run(can do 3 or 5 miles )

Check the routes. If your busy day allows you – come join us for a run!

Tuesday 6pm Run – 3mile/5mile

Thursday Bosque and Baloon Run – 2mile/3 mile/5mile

Saturday 8am – 8 mile run. (You can customize it to 3/5 miles)

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