– The most underrated Runner’s Social Media and why you need it!

Over the weekend, I was in San Diego to do the America’s Finest City Half Marathon, and while waiting for the race to start, I had the opportunity to talk to this seasoned runner, who was sitting next to me. This lady was in her 50s, and told me she has been running for a long time now and that she lost track of all the races she ran. I mentioned to her about this site that I use that has every one’s past race results. She then tried to find her name on the site using her iphone, and got surprised by the fact that her results for races, from years ago were still there, with all the time/age placement etc. I thought I should blog about

I used to keep track of the race times using sheets on google, for a while, but then I found out about I am even surprised not that many people know about this site. They keep a repository of pretty much most every race results. I have even found my results for this random fun race I did back in 2012.  So if you have been running for a while, try to look up your name on, chances are, you will be pleasantly surprised to find all your past race times and results! They go back many years, so even as a seasoned runner, you will be able to find your past results. And its free. To quote them, they “have about 30 million athlete histories with more than 180 Million results from 400,000+ events” in their database. That is a lot of data!

How do they do it, ….The way the site works is, their tools pull in race results available on internet, into their database. This happens for most major races on their own, and for some small races you can request them to add the results, if you have the result website.  You just need to sign up with the name you use for your races or use your Facebook account as logon, and search your time and ‘claim’ it to be yours. You will get all your times listed under your profile, which eliminates the need for you to track your results on your own.

It has few other cool features like, you can follow other athletes and see their races/times. This helped me a lot to understand how some of the fast runners I know now, has trained and improved their time over the past years. Also, you can add future races to your calendar, helps with managing future races. ( I still use excel sheet because i can’t tell from athlinks if I paid for the race, or just have it in my calendar. For an instance, I would want to do a race next year but the registration might not be open at that time, so I might still add it to the calendar there on Athlinks, and track it on excel to see I haven’t signed up).

They are still a small company, so they don’t roll out as many cool features as I would like them to, but they do a veru good job!  If you run, i think you should sign up for Athlinks. Add me on Athlinks. Look for ‘Uma Sethuraman’ – that is my government name.


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