Top reasons to check out Long Beach Marathon Fitness Expo today and how to save on other Race Registrations!


JetBlue Long Beach Marathon weekend is finally here. Long Beach Marathon Weekend Expo is taking place  today until 6pm at Long Beach Convention Center. There are several reasons to check out the expo, even if you aren’t doing the race this weekend! I got you covered with the reasons!

If you are running this weekend, or want to run Long Beach

  1. There are still spots available, for both Half Marathon and Marathon, and you can register at the Expo. $120 for Half Marathon and $140 for full marathon.
  2. Pike Outlet Parking tomorrow is only for prepaid customers. They are selling the parking tickets at the Expo, and this is your last chance, if you want to save some time on parking. $10 for self parking and $15 for valet, and the purchase of parking assures you a spot.(Tip: Try to get there by 5:30 if you want to avoid traffic. Take 405/710 exit at Pacific Coast Hwy exit to avoid street closures)
  3. Unless you paid for race day pickup, Expo is the only option to pick up your race BIB!

Freebies and Merchant discounts

  1. Lot of vendors are offering free samples. Lara Bars, Pike Shopping Outlet gift cards, raffle entry at several resorts.
  2. Road Runner, Snail’s Pace and lot of other vendors are onsite offering discounts on shoes and other running gears. This will be a best time to shop!
  3. Power crunch Booth is offering free samples of bars which I absolutely like!!
  4. Pike Outlet team is offering a discount booklet, (20% off H&M discount alone is worth the trip!)
  5. Free Sunglasses from JetBlue team!
  6. So random, but Minute rice booth is offering free coupons for a box of Minute Rice!

Race Registration Savings for Other Races

  1. RunDisney is offering a $25 off on their Superhero Race weekend. Also, onsite registration to save convenience fee.
  2. Surfcity 10k race team is onsite, and they are offering on site registration which will help save convenience fee.
  3. Surf city HalfMarathon/Marathon team is onsite, offering onsite registration, with savings on convenient fee.
  4. Dana Point Turkey Trot team is offering a $5 discount, and onsite registration, saving money on online registration fee.
  5. Lexus Laceup Race team is onsite, if you want to sign up in person. They already offer discount codes online.
  6. OC Marathon Team is onsite offering onsite registration which will save you $10 convenience fee.
  7. LA Marathon is offering a $10 discount at the expo.
  8. RacePlace booth is offering a $5 off for School Ghoul Run discount coupon.(Code LB5), and offers onsite registration.
  9. Run to Remember team is onsite as well, offering race registration for their Half Marathon and 10k run on February 12, 2017.
  10. Race On the Base offers a $5 off discount code(2017ROTB).

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