10 Holiday Gift Ideas for your Runner Spouse


I know, I know… its not Thanks giving yet, and a blog about Christmas Gifts is too soon but I really had to get this blog out sooner so everyone can start planning on their gift shopping! I like running, and I like gifts! For my today’s blog I wanted to list top 10 gifts that would definitely be on my wish list. If you are looking for a gift idea for your runner spouse or runner friend this holiday season – I hope this list helps you in someway!


1. VYPER by HyperIce.com


I am always hurting myself one way or other from running. I am a believer of foam rollers, and they got me through my worst IT Band injry several months ago. Combine that with vibration – I am sold!  The VYPER is a vibrating foam roller, which is excellent for self massage, warm up, and to work on tight muscles that prevent you from moving better. I didn’t even know this product existed up until last week when one of their company rep demoed it during our group run at Snail’s Pace. Our running friend Sandra swears by this product, we both have a history of IT Band injury! You can order this from Amazon.com or from their website Hyperice.com. They are an Irvine based company, and I can help you get in touch with their sales rep if you want to purchase in person!

2. VivoActive HR by Garmin.com


I don’t think I would have enjoyed running as much as I do now, if its not for the Garmin GPS watches. I like data, and data helps me self correct my training plans, and Garmin has been very instrumental with that. I own a Forerunner 225 which I absolutely love, but VivoActive HR is Garmin’s new model( few months old but still kind of new), which is good for Swim/Bike and Run. It also has text message notification and such with your iphone. If your running spouse doesn’t have a running watch, or still using one of the older ones, this would be a good upgrade! You can order it from Garmin or Amazon. Both have good prices. (https://buy.garmin.com/en-US/US/into-sports/health-fitness/vivoactive-hr/prod538374.html, http://www.amazon.com )

3. Gift Cards to our Favorite Running Store


If you have spent time with your running spouse, you would have already realized we spend more time shopping at one of our favorite running stores than the Mall. In the last 6 months I have been to Road Runner and Snail’s Pace, more than dozen times, but to the mall – may be twice. Most things we need aren’t at the mall, like the Gels, Running clothes(believe me, the entire Nike outlet at Orange had one running short model…. booo!), IT Band straps, Tapes, Shoes(yeah yeah… mall store has shoes, but we want to talk to a store person who understands running, not some high school kid in between his Pokeman game!). Anyways, get us a running store gift card, and you could never go wrong!

My favorite running stores in OC:

Endurance House 24012 Aliso Creek Rd, Laguna Niguel, CA 92677

Snail’s Pace Running Store, 24451 Alicia Pkwy, Mission Viejo, CA 92691

Road Runner,  Costa Mesa Courtyards, 1835 Newport Blvd, Costa Mesa, CA 92627 (I know they have two stores, but I like the costa mesa one the best! It took 2 attempts to get my shoe sole fixed at Laguna Niguel Location, but I had to finally get it done at costa mesa location!)

4. SIGVARIS Compression Socks


If you know for sure your friend/spouse likes wearing compression socks, get them a pair of SIGVARIS ones. They will absolutely love these pairs! They are super soft, still provide you with the best graduated compression to help with Increased circulation and improved blood flow. I started wearing them few months ago, and I haven’t run a race with out these socks. They make my long runs much more enjoyable! It feels smooth on my skin, and they look and feel luxurious! I got my pair at the local drug store here in Aliso. But you can order them from amazon as well. (Amazon link ). They com in several colors, and I have the red one that I absolutely love. I want to get a lime green one next!

Store Address if you want to get it in person(which I recommend, as you have to know your calf measure to get the right size)

The Druggist,  Aliso Village Shopping Center, 24022 Aliso Creek Rd, Laguna Niguel, CA 92677

I haven’t seen the running stores carry this brand. So don’t waste your time at Road Runner or Snail’s Pace.

5. The Orb Deep Tissue High Density Massage Ball


These Orb Massage Balls are perfect companion/compliment to the foam roller. I was recommended to use these by a physio therapist to cope with my running injury but since then it has been part of my ‘post run recovery routine’. These massage balls help target specific muscle, especially glute, and if you have IT Band issues, this will come in handy! If you don’t run, but your spouse or friend does, and if you know they don’t have one of these, do get one for them! These are must have item for every runner! Link: Amazon

6. Petzl Tikka + Headlamp


Now that with the time change, most everyone is going to be running after work, in the dark. You will be amazed at how many runners don’t own a good head lamp. I almost hit someone as I was running in the dark, and learnt my lesson since. Never go running in the dark without a head lamp. I love these Petzl headlamps I bought from Road Runner. They are little expensive, but they come in 3 different beams(You don’t want to blind the oncoming person either!), and if you aren’t in need of light, but still want to be seen by others, you can use the ‘red’ mode. I like the lime green color. You can pick one up at the local store, or order online. (online link – here ). They also tilt, so its very helpful to adjust where to focus on. Sometime when I run with others, if my fellow runners have light facing the oncoming route, at 180 degree, I would tilt mine down to light up the ground. Its very helpful!

7. Get them their Favorite Race Entry


This one you have to be very careful. Most of us that run, know our races, and chances are that we already would have signed up for most every races into the next year. But if you know your friend/spouse very well, and know if they are debating to sign up a race on and off, you could sign them up and present that as a gift! Make sure you check their calendar and such, most every one I know – has a race like that, they want to run, but debating to sign up!

Some ideas:


Just be careful when you sign up someone else for  a race. Most races dont re-fund money or transfer, so you have to be certainly sure your running spouse really want to do the race and can have this in their race calendar with other races going that month!

8. Puppy


Lot of my running friends have dogs. Some have breeds that is good for running, and bring to our group runs. If your spouse have been thinking of getting a puppy and if you think the logistics of having a puppy for them would work out – this could be the best time to get them one!  OC Shelters are letting you adopt puppies for free /waiving the fee because of over crowding. (link : http://mynewsla.com/orange-county/2016/10/26/free-puppies-in-orange-county-bunnies-and-kittens-oh-my/ )

9. My favorite race distance is 13.Wine


This one may just be me, but I love wine. and I think most every one does it too. If you are not sure what to get, always get us a bottle of wine. My favorite places to get wine is Costco(the champagne list has gotten more for holidays… best time to shop now!), Hi-Time, and Total Wine. Hi-Time has wine sale going , so best time to shop there now. They have better wines than total wine and Costco.

Hi-time wine cellar , 250 Ogle St, Costa Mesa, CA 92627


10. Hydration Belt


I don’t think I have found my perfect hydration belt yet. For now, I absolutely love these from Amazon. They are elastic, and sits right above my hip perfectly, and feels very light. It has enough space for cellphone and key. (amazon link: https://www.amazon.com/dp/B018NMPDBC?psc=1 )


If you have something on your wish list, share it with me, I will write one more blog on this right close to thanks giving!

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  1. Interesting gift ideas. One caveat: instead of purchasing wine at a big box like Costco, try a locally owned liquor store. Very often these are run by folks with lots of wine knowledge who can make excellent suggestions. Plus, you get that frisson of virtue from Shopping Local.


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