6 Must Watch Running Videos

YouTube videos of various athletes and runners have helped with lot of my questions about running and to give me perspective about training, race, injury prevention/recovery. The following  videos from 6 of my most favorite people will give you some insight into technique/form/philosophy of running.

1. Joanna Zeiger : Function = Fast

Joanna Zeiger is a former professional triathlete, Olympian and Ironman 70.3 World Champion. In these videos ( Follow Everyman Triathlon Youtube Page ) she walks through basic running techniques and workouts to strengthen. Her Function = Fast advise has been one of the key mantra when cross training for me!

2. The Run Experience: How to Warm up

The Run Experience (YouTube Page )is a great resource for running technique and injury recovery/prevention. I struggled with understanding the warm up routine for runs, and this single video has helped me a lot, and has been my go to video, prior to every single race I have run in the last few months for warm up routine. I also followed their 5k workout plans to a great success.

3. Sage Canaday/Sandi Nypaver: Proper Form

Sage Canaday runs YouTube Page Vo2maxProductions and provides lot of tips and techniques/training plans for all distances. Lot of his videos are long, but they are informative. This video helped a lot with correcting my heel strike, which caused serious injuries.

4. George Sheehan : When you become Athlete, you no longer age. You are growing!

Those of us run, seem to like running for more than just to keep ourselves fit. Everything I needed to understand why I like running made sense, when I listen to George Sheehan. Following two videos from George Sheehan is a must see if you consider running, more than a workout. His Boston Marathon Speech – I think has to be a must watch prior to any race.

5. Usain Bolt : The work is done in training

I always thought running races are the cool/nice part of running, but watching this video, of Usain Bolt talk about training, put everything perspective. The work is done in training, and the race is the easy part. His coach mentions ‘a journey needs a destination. Know what you want out of your race and work towards that’. Both these from this video has given me a perspective to my training and race goals a whole new dimension!

6. Ed Whitlock : If it hurts take a rest

Ed Whitlock ran a sub 3 marathon in his 70, and ran a sub 4 marathon in his 80s. Not until I watched his interview, the whole idea of ‘rest and recovery’ and ‘Running slow during training phase’ didn’t make sense. Now I run slow in my easy runs. And make it a point to rest enough between Long runs. If you want to run fast, you can do it any time, if you want to run longer then rest and conscious comfort pace is going to be the key! Watch his video to learn how to run through 80s!

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